great Egoscue athletics video

Liba Placek is our esteemed director of athletics at the San Diego clinic. Those of you who know Liba know she’s just an awesome therapist and an even better person. Liba works with many of our professional athlete clients and has been profiled on FitTV and Sports Illustrated. Over the last year or so she has been working with one of the great relief pitchers in baseball, Trevor Hoffman, a sure thing for the hall of fame after he retires. Here is a video that shows a little of the work she is doing with him and some other players.

Go to this website and you’ll see a link that says “Top 5 the Natural”. Click on that, the segment on Liba and Trevor is about halfway through, so be patient as it loads.

And here is an article in the San Diego Tribune about Trevor’s work with Liba and Egoscue:

Also, here is a link to an article about Junior Seau published in Sports Illustrated that talks about his work with Liba. Great stuff.

Remember, Egoscue isn’t just about getting out of pain. If you are an athlete looking to improve performance and become more injury-resistant, regaining your postural balance and full function is essential.

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One Comment on “great Egoscue athletics video”

  1. Farmer Says:

    Liba is awesome. A fully functional priestess to be sure.

    Like your blog.

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