Ankle sprains

I recently helped a client with an ankle sprain and thought I’d share how I recommend people deal with this. Now the first disclaimer is seek medical attention if there’s any chance it could be a fracture or a severe soft tissue tear. Those issues require medical intervention. But once you’re convinced it’s a simple sprain, you may want to try this protocol. Second disclaimer: this is NOT medical advice. I’m not a physician. I’m not recommending you take any medical course of action, just relating what we’ve suggested some clients do, and the results they obtained. Your mileage may vary.

First, ice it. Get a big bucket of water, big enough that it will allow you to put your foot in it and stand on it, with the water coming up to completely cover the ankle complex (like maybe 6 inches). Fill it with ice water, then put your sprained ankle in it and stand on that foot. Keep weight slightly on the inside edge of the foot and keep weight on it. It’s going to hurt, but do it anyway. Stay in the water for 3-5 minutes. Then get out and elevate the ankle, which means get it above your heart. Static back will accomplish this. Wait for 10-15 minutes, then get back in the ice water for another 3-5 minutes.

Now get out of the water, dry off, and go do Supine Groin Progressive. And this is the very important part: do it IN the wood tower. It will hold the foot and ankle in a position that facilitates the body dealing with the swelling and allowing the joint to reseat itself. Do both legs, as usual.

I had a client recently who sprained his ankle playing basketball. Could barely walk on it. Went through the steps above and when he was done was walking on it. It still hurt, but was greatly improved.

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