Supercharge Me!

Ok, admit it. You KNOW you need to eat better, right? Well, most of us do. And what did mom always tell us? “Eat your vegetables”. She was right. But I always preferred the macaroni and cheese, hamburger and ice cream. When I was 12, THAT was my idea of healthy eating.

But the older I get, I find that my tolerance for eating junk gets less and less, and that’s probably a good thing. It’s my body’s way of trying to keep me from committing suicide one french fry at a time.

Over the past few years I’ve been working to clean up my diet and things are going well. One thing I know is that the more my diet consists of raw foods, the healthier I feel. What are raw foods? Basically, anything that isn’t cooked. The concept here is that foods come with enzymes that help us digest them and extract nutrients from them, but cooking kills those enzymes and turns “living foods” into dead ones, robbing us of the nutrients and energy our foods should provide us. I can’t speak to the science of this, it’s out of my area of expertise, but this sounds reasonable to me. And the fact is, like I said above, the more raw food I eat, the better I feel.

So Ralph, one of our therapists, comes to me a few weeks ago and wants to buy some DVD called “Supercharge Me!”. He thinks it will be a great addition to the library we’re beginning to build in our clinic to loan to clients. He says it’s a movie by this gal who was intrigued by the concepts from the movie “Supersize Me” but wanted to go the opposite direction, see how healthy she could get. It was $30 or something like that so I said “sure, why not.”

it arrived and I took it home and Theresa and I watched it. Here’s my review:

Buy it. Then watch it. Then begin implementing some of these concepts.

This is a great movie that we enjoyed immensely. The woman who made it, Jenna Norwood, does a fantastic job of letting us ride along during a portion of her life where she makes some serious changes to her lifestyle. Basically, Jenna got tired of being overweight, feeling sluggish, having achy joints, just not having her body in the condition she wanted. She’d heard about the benefits of eating raw food and decided to go on a 100% raw food diet for 30 days and document both the process and the results. The subject matter sounds a bit dry, but Jenna does a fantastic job of making it not only educational but engaging and entertaining, as well. She is irresistibly likable and unflinchingly honest. The movie flew by and both my wife and I were entertained and motivated to continue down the path we’ve started.

My diet has probably been about 30% raw food. My goal now is to get that up to 80%. Will I ever go 100% raw? I don’t know. Right now, that seems extreme to me, daunting, and seriously considering it is kind of scary and demotivating. And I’m not entirely sure it’s necessary. I don’t know if we’re designed to eat ONLY raw foods, but I am pretty confident we are designed to eat PRIMARILY raw foods. Could absolutely be rationalization on my part, but there you have it. If I can get to the 80% raw number, then who knows. Once I’m there I may decide to go the rest of the way, or I may be happy at that level. I’ll let you know if and when that happens.

But in the meantime, get this movie! Jenna’s website is She has copies of the DVD available for pre-release and I encourage you to buy one. If you are a client of ours, we have a copy in clinic to loan out, but I strongly suggest you buy your own. You’ll be glad you did.

Now go eat your vegetables!

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