The NY Times published a nice article about prolotherapy that does a good job of explaining what it is and when it is commonly used. I’ve had a number of clients who have used prolotherapy. Some have reported benefit, some have not. From what I’ve been able to discern, I think it’s a valid form of therapy in the right situations. Some joints seem to respond better to it than others. I’ve had several clients report improvement in knee pain and stability from prolo. However, I have yet to have a client have prolo in a hip and report benefit.

I have a client in Houston who suffered a serious tear to her sacrotuberous ligament that caused a serious mis-positioning of her SI joints. When she first came to me she could barely walk and suffered severe pain with every step. Egoscue helped her tremendously but she wanted to restore the ligament to as close to normal integrity and function as possible, so after doing much research she decided to embark on a series of prolotherapy injections. There was no question her improvement took another step forward and she firmly believes that prolo was an important part of her healing process, and that prolo and Egoscue worked extremely well together.

The point of this blog entry is not to promote prolotherapy, but to point to what seems to be a balanced and informative article that those who are unfamiliar with prolotherapy can use as a starting point for learning more about this. If you wonder if prolotherapy may be helpful for you, find a qualified physician who administers it and start a dialogue about your situation.

And remember, if a joint is out of position because of muscular/postural imbalance, prolotherapy will not address this. But in some cases, the combination of restoring the correct position of the joint via Egoscue and then addressing the health and intrinsic stability of the joint via prolotherapy may be an effective course of action.

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