Want a Mont Blanc pen for $10?

Well, you can’t have one. Do you know how much these puppies cost? Suffice to say, a LOT of money. They are amongst the best writing instruments in the world, but do I want to spend $200-$2,000 on a pen? Cmon, my first car didn’t cost $200. And yes, I am completely serious. We’ll just skip the fact that the last time I actually saw it, it was sitting on the side of the road with smoke pouring from under the hood, looking like explosion or at least reasonably serious fire was currently in process.

But I digress.

I hate using crappy pens and I really enjoy using nice ones, but I have a penchant for losing the things so buying a Serious pen is just not an option for me.

But wait, there is an alternative! The good folks at instructables.com posted a great tip on how to use Mont Blanc ink in a reasonably nice pen. I tried it and it works beautifully! You really can tell the difference, their ink writes much more smoothly than standard ink.

So if you want to give this tip a try, click here.

One note: the tip talks about using a Pilot G2 Pro, which is a fine pen. I prefer the Pilot Dr Grip Gel, just feels better in my hand. I tested it and they both use the same ink refill so this tip works with both. When you buy the Mont Blanc refill you’ll get two cartridges so you can put one in each and see which you like better.

And Ralph, no, you CANNOT take any of my pens, get your own!

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