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Reuters Health Information (2008-01-21): Walking an hour a week cuts colon cancer risk

January 23, 2008

and another study published that shows more benefits to motion.

Reuters Health Information (2008-01-21): Walking an hour a week cuts colon cancer risk:
Walking an hour a week cuts colon cancer risk

Last Updated: 2008-01-21 14:02:07 -0400 (Reuters Health)

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A large new study confirms that physical activity reduces colon cancer risk.

While just an hour of walking a week seemed to protect against the disease, the more strenuously women exercised, the lower their risk, Dr. Kathleen Y. Wolin of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and colleagues found.

“Our findings suggest that participation in lower intensity activities may be sufficient to reduce risk though more vigorous activity provides comparable or perhaps additional risk reduction,” they write in the International Journal of Cancer.

Research showing that exercise reduces colon cancer risk has been “consistent and convincing,” Wolin and her team say, but questions remain about the intensity of exercise necessary to reduce risk.

To investigate, they followed at 79,295 women, aged 40 to 65 years old, for 16 years, during which time 547

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Reuters Health Information (2008-01-21): Seawater spray cures kids’ colds: study

January 23, 2008

One more example of how we don’t necessarily need a lot of chemicals in the form of prescription or over the counter medications to heal.

Reuters Health Information (2008-01-21): Seawater spray cures kids’ colds: study:
Seawater spray cures kids’ colds: study

Last Updated: 2008-01-21 16:22:08 -0400 (Reuters Health)

By Michael Conlon

CHICAGO (Reuters) – For parents worried about how to treat children’s colds now that some medicines have been called into question, the answer may be a dose of salt water.

A nasal spray made from Atlantic Ocean seawater eased wintertime cold symptoms faster and slowed cough and cold symptoms from returning among children ages 6 to 10, researchers in Europe reported on Monday.

It may be that the salt water has a simple mechanical effect of clearing mucus, or it could be that trace elements in the water play some more significant role, though the exact reason why such a solution works is not known, said Dr. Ivo Slapak and colleagues at the Teaching Hospital of Brno in the Czech Republic.

The study, published in the January issue of the Archives of Otolaryngology, was paid for by Goemar Laboratoires La Madeleine, Saint-Malo, France, which makes Physiomer, the seawater n

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Will Smith on the keys to life

January 20, 2008

This is a short video, under 3 minutes. Well worth watching.

And when he’s talking about running and that little voice? Translate that into working on your posture. Why am I pain free? Why can I run when I was told after my accident that would never happen? Because when that little voice told me to sleep in a little more, or that I was too tired to do my menu, or that it was no big deal if I missed a day, I said “no, I made a commitment to myself. I WILL be well, I WILL become strong again and failure is not an option.”

this video does a great job of capturing that sentiment.

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The Vanishing of the Bees

January 19, 2008

Are you aware of what’s happening to the population of bees worldwide? We are witnessing an environmental disaster of potentially monumental proportions developing before our eyes. Bees are dying in massive numbers and scientists cannot pinpoint precisely why. The short story here, the core message, is that if we lose bees, we lose pollination. Lose pollination, no more fruits and vegetables. Gone. The health impact is unimaginable, and then there’s the economic impact as well.

What’s happening is that hives are dying. But the bees aren’t being found dead in the hives, they are just flying away, leaving their young (which animals rarely do) and disappearing or being found dead in the fields. It’s as if they are getting confused and losing their ability to find their way back home.

If you Google “colony collapse disorder” you’ll see a long list of links. Read some of them. Here is the wikipedia link on the topic.

and there is a movie coming out with the same title as this entry. They have a website with a great trailer and I STRONGLY suggest you watch it. Click here to do so.

One of the points the trailer makes is that we have allowed our agriculture industry to become so toxic, so ill, so immersed in poison, we have deviated so far from the healthful path that it’s no wonder bees are dying. They are like the canaries in the coal mine and they are are sending us a powerful and urgent message that we need to fix the way we grow food. We CANNOT create health and physical abundance, we cannot be good stewards of the environment, by routinely spraying millions of gallons of pesticides and fungicides and herbicides onto our foods and fields. We cannot be so arrogant as to believe we can outsmart nature and redesign food genetically, plant genetically modified seeds, and not expect the law of unintended consequences to bite us squarely in the ass. We cannot continue to put bees onto the back of semi tractor trailers and ship them all over the country like a pallet of car batteries, moving them from field to field to do our bidding, and not expect to stress them.

We need to begin restoring sanity to the way we grow our foods and treat our land. If we don’t, we will pay an unimaginably dear price.

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Excellent primer on PH

January 14, 2008

In our clinic I often talk with clients about the importance of maintaining neutral PH. When the body becomes acidic, it is far more prone to inflaming from events that would not normally provoke an inflammation response. It can also render the body susceptible to a host of other health issues. But I’ve struggled to find a concise resource that explains PH well. That is, until now.

I strongly recommend you read this guide. It does a very good job of explaining the basics of PH. In a subsequent post I’ll discuss some of the ways I maintain a healthy PH, how I monitor it and the tools I use nutritionally.

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January 14, 2008

check this out, pretty wild stuff. A crow basically mothering a kitten.

see it here

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January 2, 2008

First, happy new year to everyone! I hope you have plans to make 2008 rock.

A friend emailed me a link to a website called and I signed up for their newsletter just to see what they do. I soon received an email with a link to a 3 minute movie on the topic of appreciation. It was cool, and a good reminder for all of us. At least for me.

So, here’s the link to the movie. I encourage you to watch it and then act upon it.

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