Extraordinary new prosthetic arm

you gotta see this video from the annual TED conference held in Monterey, CA. Some of the best and brightest minds in technology, business and the arts come together to share ideas. I would love to attend, but so far postural therapy doesn’t rate very high on their agenda.

the video shows Dean Kamen, inventory of literally hundreds of remarkable devices including the Segway, demonstrates a new prosthetic arm developed specifically to assist wounded returning veterans. It’s a stunning advancement in technology.

And if anyone reading this knows Dean personally, tell him his right hip is elevated and he’s shifting his weight left, thereby beating that side of his body up. He needs to see an Egoscue therapist before he starts developing a degenerative hip.

If the TED Conference organizers want an in-house postural therapist to support the speakers at the event, they have a volunteer from Austin!

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