The Ultra Simple Diet

I’d read about this book, “The Ultra Simple Diet” a few months ago and ordered it. I’m happy with my weight as it is but I have a LOT of clients who tell me they want to lose some weight, and the majority of them have diets that are highly acidic. So, I am always looking for resources I can recommend to our clients. I’ve only done a review of the book, haven’t done an in depth study of it yet, but I like what I’m seeing.


My diet is actually a little tighter and cleaner than the one recommended in the book. While I’m not a hard core vegan or raw foodist, I’d say about 80% of my diet is raw food vegan now and I’m definitely feeling positive change as I migrate in that direction. But the diet recommended in this book absolutely moves people in the right direction. I can say with confidence that for the vast majority of our clients, indeed the overwhelming majority of Americans, if you were to begin eating as this book recommends, your health and energy levels would dramatically improve and you would indeed lose weight, the safe way.

But wait, there’s more! The book explicitly discusses the linkage between health and ideal weight and the problems of inflammation and toxicity. If you shift to this type of eating style, I guarantee you will reduce inflammation in your body, and that will also manifest in less pain and more mobility.

The book doesn’t actually recommend a “diet”, per se. Diets are a bad idea. You don’t lose weight by temporarily going through a period of denial, only to resume prior eating habits. That’s a recipe for weight gain and ill health. What’s required is sound lifestyle change and I think this book does a very sound job of recommending a strong and clean but workable diet. I’m going to be recommending in some coming posts some of the specific things I’m doing, but I think this book is a great starting point and I recommend it.

My final comment is that one thing I really like about the book is it structures its recommendations into a 7-day plan. Just try the program for 7 days and see what you experience. You don’t have to make a permanent shift, you don’t have to sign up for a 1-3 month program. Just do it for a week. You can do ANYTHING for a week. My guess is after a week, you absolutely will not want to go back to eating the way you’ve traditionally eaten.

You can learn more about it from these two resources:

First, here is the author’s website where you can learn more.

And here is a blog discussing the book. I link to it because it provides a nice, short summary of the dietary approach the book recommends.

if you decide to read the book and implement its 7-day plan, come back and provide some comment for us so we can learn from your experience.

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