Raw Superfoods and postural change

Over the past year I’ve been transitioning my diet to one more weighted towards raw foods. I’m not 100% raw vegan, but I’d estimate that 80% of my diet consists of raw vegan foods. We all know that we should generally eat more raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, but doing so can be daunting. I know it was for me. I didn’t have the time or energy to do the shopping, preparation, cleanup and storage required to consistently ‘go raw’.

Then last year I met a gentleman here in Austin named David Favor who built a business helping people make this transition. He has some exceptional products that I began using and I immediately noticed my own health become stronger and more vibrant. The thing I love about his products is that not only are they of exceptional quality (and I mean, beyond first-rate), they are really easy to prepare and consume. For example, what I would call his flagship product, currently named Chocolate Silk (but about to be renamed Chocolate Bliss to avoid confusion with the soy product commonly available in grocery stores) only takes me about 15-20 minutes to prepare a week’s worth. It tastes great and provides so many nutrients and anti-oxidants that it’s stunning.

I sat down with David to talk with him about this product. Those who know me know that I’m not a ‘take it on faith’ kind of guy. I’m a researcher. So first I researched every ingredient in this superfood mix, and came away most impressed at the formulation. Then I talked with David about things like what makes it different than other seemingly similar products in the marketplace, how does he assure quality, where does he get it, how should it be stored, what benefits can people expect from it, should anyone not use it, all that kind of stuff. I came away so impressed and enthused that we began recommending his products to many of our clients and the response has been tremendous. People are getting healthier and stronger. And this improvement also helps their bodies be better able metabolically to generate and sustain the postural change Egoscue provides. The two technologies work synergistically together in a very effective way.

So, I asked David if I could interview him and record it and make the interview available to our clients so they could learn more about his products and he graciously agreed. We’re going to talk not just about his products but about how improving metabolic health can help fuel postural improvement.

If you would like to listen in at the talk, it’s going to be Wednesday, March 19th, at 7:30pm CST. If you can’t make it, I will post a link later where you can listen to the recording of the event. David has a rawfood meetup group here in Austin and you can get info on the call and RSVP to it here:


David’s website, that has product information as well as a lot of great information on how to improve your health, can be found at radicalhealth.com.

If you are one of our clients in the Dallas area, I encourage you to plug into Courtney and Brian up there. They work closely with David and have created a great community of people in that area and do a terrific job of supplying his products along with their knowledge and service to the folks in the Dallas area. You can find their site at loving-foods.com.

So I hope some of you can join the call on the 19th, and if you can’t, be sure to check back for a link to the recording. And if you start using some of these products, I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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