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You have got to be kidding me

March 22, 2008

Ok, I try, I REALLY try. But sometimes, it’s hard to be patient. The mainstream medical and research community tends to be somewhat conservative in how they view health issues, and they tend to place a very high value on studies, especially double-blind placebo-controlled ones. I heard a very prominent physician in the health and fitness community once described in this way: “If you tell him the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, his response will be ‘show me the study’.” Now, I’m not dismissing the value of studies. Far from it. Information rigorously obtained and properly analyzed is ALWAYS a good thing. But you can take it too far and waste money and time when you could be taking action. You don’t need a study to tell you the sun rises in the east. You need eyes and a sense of direction, or maybe a compass if you lack the latter.

The study below falls into this category for me. It’s days I read stuff like this I have two primary responses: first, did anyone actually think we really needed a study for this? And second, evidently so, so I’m glad we have this one to convince the people without enough properly firing brain cells to realize the self evidence of the premise.

Now, to what study am I referring? There’s a new one out from the University of Missouri (hey, the Show Me state in action) that says – wait for it – that not exercising can lead to poor health.

Wow. I’m gonna just wait a few seconds so you can wrap your brain around that one.


OK, we’re back.

Here’s a quote from one of the researchers:

“Previously, we thought that not exercising just wasn’t healthy, but we didn’t think that a lack of activity could cause disease. That assumption was wrong.”

Ya think?

Simply put, our bodies are built in such a way that motion is not optional. If you are not moving, you are dying. Simple as that. What I do think is cool about this is that every time I read a new study about the body, it validates something Pete Egoscue has been saying for years. Now there is a very important point here I want you all to really grasp. You HAVE to move, you have to exercise. So if you start to hurt when you move, the answer is NOT to stop moving because that path leads to disease, degeneration and death. The answer is to find out WHY you hurt when you move, fix that problem and then get moving again, pain free.

I hear over and over again things like “well I used to run, but my knees started hurting so I stopped running. And then I used to play golf but my back started hurting so I stopped that.” And slowly, over time, they cut motion out of their lives like someone clipping coupons out of the morning paper, until all that’s left is a bunch of holes. I’ll make the story personal. My father passed away back in the 80s when I was in college. My mom re-married a wonderful man named Tom several years later and they lived a very happy life together. When Tom was in his mid 70s, he was still walking regularly and playing golf several times a week. He was in pretty good shape and looked to stay that way a good while longer. Then his back started hurting and he stopped playing golf. At this point my wife and I were Egoscue clients and I told him about Egoscue and urged him to get into the San Diego clinic to fix this so he could resume playing golf. I explained Egoscue conceptually, then my wife and I offered to have one of us take him to the clinic and back while the other stayed to take care of my mom (who suffered from Parkinsons). He refused. I told my wife “he’ll be dead within 3 years”. Sure enough, his back never got better. He never again returned to the golf course, and soon it hurt to walk through the neighborhood so he stopped that. More motion going away, and now those three D’s from above closing in. 2 years later he had a serious heart attack from which he never fully recovered and less than a year after that he was dead. Now do I know for a fact that all could’ve been avoided had he gone to Egoscue? Of course not. But my instincts tell me ‘yes’. I hadn’t gone through the training yet but I could easily see major postural faults and I knew he could fix it and feel better. And I knew that if he stopped moving, he was going to accelerate the degeneration process.

So folks, move as if your life depends on it. Because it does!

Here’s the study, by the way:

Killer Stairs? Taking The Elevator Could Be Worse For Your Body:

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