Using raw superfood technology to enhance postural change

I mentioned a few weeks back that I was interviewing a gentleman here in Austin, David Favor, about his superfood technology and how it can help people create and sustain postural change. My family and I have been using his products and are extremely impressed with them, and we’ve been recommending them to some of our clients and the feedback is universally enthusiastic. I received a lot of questions about his products, what makes them different from other health foods, what is in them, etc…., and I thought it would be helpful to have a recording of me talking with David about these topics. My original plan was just to have the two of us sitting in a room doing it but David suggested we actually make it a live teleconference, which we did. I thought it went very well and you can find the recording of it here.

David has gone to the trouble of breaking it up into ‘chapters’. So if you have no interest in superfoods but would like to hear an introduction to Egoscue and here me tell my story, you can listen to the first chapter and skip the rest. If you could care less about Egoscue and just want to learn more about David’s stuff, you can skip the first chapter and listen to the rest.

I think there’s some very helpful information here and that it will be a good resource for our clients.

One note: I don’t get referral fees or kickbacks for referring clients to David, and I pay full retail for our products. I’m not promoting this because I make money from doing so, because I don’t. If a client buys products from David, I don’t make a penny. I’m promoting this information because I think it is very valuable and because I think his products truly have the ability to help people significantly improve their health.

I’ll repeat the link again here:

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2 Comments on “Using raw superfood technology to enhance postural change”

  1. Jane Jackson Adams Says:

    Rick, I just listened to the interview between you and David Favor. It’s one that I need to listen to several times in order to assimilate the information. Much of the information is considerably different from anything I have heard before–and as I mentioned to you I have been taking supplements for 50 years–and thought I was well informed. Are there brochures, books, etc., that are available? Fascinating information. My first order went in today and I’m really looking forward to getting started.

  2. Rick Says:

    Right now the best source for information on this stuff is at David’s website, Go to both his Audio/Video page which has a LOT of great material, and then to his step by step guide. The latter is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to reclaim and recharge their health.

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