Pete’s new book

I mentioned we were in SD last week. We got to spend some time with Pete, which is always great. He shared with us that he just finished his latest book and had sent it to his editor within the last few days. So, it’s really happening. He’s been talking about his new book for a few years now. He had a version, scrapped it, rewrote it and now he’s done. We talked about its focus and what it is trying to accomplish and I’m really excited about it. Pete will be discussing the relationship between mind and body, how the way we think impacts the way we feel. Every Egoscue therapist can tell you there is no question that people’s beliefs and emotions play a huge role in both pain and the healing process. This is going to be a great new tool all of us can use to help ourselves and our friends and family.

Of course, I asked if this new baby had a delivery due date. Just too early to tell. It’s gotta go through the whole editing process, which I’m sure can be involved and time consuming. I’ll give you more info as I get it, but wanted to pass this tidbit on.

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