given that it’s prime sun time these days, sunscreen is a hot topic (pardon the pun). Most people use sunscreen. The problem is, most sunscreens don’t work and are absolutely toxic. The irony is many people are lathering themselves in carcinogenic/toxic chemicals because they think they are protecting themselves from “the harmful effects” of the sun’s rays.

I’ve said before, I STRONGLY encourage readers of this blog to go to the Skin Deep database maintained by the great folks at Environmental Working Group to check out the products they put on their body to ensure they are not using products that are harmful to their health. This includes sunscreen.

Here’s my sun recommendation: first, read the article on sunlight and vitamin D I posted a week or two ago. Then, go to this link to see a list of safe and effective sunscreens as ranked by Environmental Working Group. If you use sunscreen, look yours up and see where it ranks on the safety scale. Odds are you are in for a surprise, and not a pleasant one.

I’ve said it to clients in clinic and I’ll say it here, I just don’t believe we can create health and vibrancy by putting toxic substances on and in our bodies. The Skin Deep site does a great service to all of us by helping us get a better understanding of the true nature of the products we’re using.

And finally, if you find their service useful, I encourage you to financially support this group. Our clinic makes an annual donation to them. We support their work and we hope more and more people will do so, as well.

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