Tire Safety

Ralph and Rosie forwarded this to me and I’m so glad they did. It’s an important video report on tire safety. I had no idea that you can buy a “new” tire that has never been used but is actually 5-10 years old! And it appears that as tires age, the material breaks down and the risk of the tire coming apart while driving significantly increases.

The video shows how to check the code on your tires to see when they were made. Problem is, they conveniently put the code on the INSIDE of the tire instead of the outside, so to see it you have to crawl under your car and look. And even then you might not see it. I tried that with both our cars and couldn’t find the code, so the next time I take them to Jiffy Lube, I’m going to ask if either they can read the code for me or if they’ll let me go down into the underground bay where I can read it myself. This is important information and I want to verify our tires are safe and sound.

You can watch the video here.

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