Pharmaceutical company ethics

OK, this shocked even me. Bayer is alleged to have knowingly dumped a drug into the European and Asian markets that the FDA would not allow them to sell in the USA. And why wouldn’t the FDA allow them to sell the drug here? Because it was contaminated with HIV.

That’s right, Bayer is alleged to have knowingly sold HIV-contaminated drugs that have killed or sickened thousands of people. This is evil stuff right here.

And what’s worse, the FDA covered it up and facilitated the whole affair.

You can watch the video about this here. Less than 4 minutes long.

I’ve said before, if you need prescription medications, then take them, but make sure you REALLY need them. I’m always amazed at how routinely people will consume this stuff, how quick people are to pop a pill or get an injection. But please, for the health of you and your family, make a diligent effort to avoid this stuff. The bottom line is that the FDA is far more concerned about pharmaceutical company profits than your health, and the pharmaceutical companies have shown a clear and blatant disregard for good science and the most basic and decent of ethical standards. They have repeatedly shown they will suppress test results that show their products cause harm in order to gain regulatory approval. The amounts of money involved are mind boggling and you had better understand that these companies are FAR more concerned about recouping their investments and making a profit than they are about your health.

Take responsibility for your health. Don’t outsource it to anyone.

Watch this video and I guarantee that if you weren’t already viewing this industry with a jaded and skeptical eye, you soon will be. This is scary stuff.

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2 Comments on “Pharmaceutical company ethics”

  1. Chris Moran Says:

    Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. Jane Jackson Adams Says:

    Very interesting. When such charges are made against the government, I hope people will realize that Congress is the agent for most of the political mess-ups. The current Congress is one of the worst. It is with good reason it is known as the “Do Nothing Congress.” Remember, Congressional members are elected by the people.

    If your Congressman was involved in this event, he/she should not be re-elected. Understand that our permanent government agencies are staffed by professional bureaucrats. It matters little who is president; these people stay in their positions, administration after administration.

    The problem is CONGRESS!!! Time to consider term limits.

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