another update on Theresa

First, thanks to all who have called or emailed with their support for Theresa. We all greatly appreciate it.

Just spoke with the doctor, she’s now out of surgery and it went very well. The ‘nodule’ did not appear cancerous when they got in there and the initial pathology report confirmed the biopsy, that it is benign. He said there is a very slim chance that a more extensive pathology examination will find cancerous cells, but at this point, just assume it’s benign. The odds of that not being the case are very, very rare in this situation.

So, they removed the right half of the thyroid and he said that provided the remainder of the thyroid is normally functioning tissue, she shouldn’t need any supplemental medications.

I probably won’t be able to see her for another half hour or so but wanted to provide this update since I know a bunch of people are waiting for it. We love y’all, truly. Thanks so much for being part of our family, for your prayers and well wishes and support. We truly appreciate it.

Onward and upward.

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