Natural anti inflammatory

Are you or anyone you know taking prescription anti inflammatory drugs and would like to be able to discontinue their use without experiencing an increase in symptoms?

Check out this article.

I haven’t tried the supplement he recommends but I’ve ordered it so we can evaluate it first hand. If anyone tries it and can report feedback here, please do so.

I will say this, I absolutely believe that a great deal of the inflammation people experience is a self inflicted wound due to their diet. This article has some nice recommendations on the types of foods that will help reduce inflammation. Check it out.

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One Comment on “Natural anti inflammatory”

  1. Jane Jackson Adams Says:

    I used Zyflamend for about a year and had very positive results. However, eventually I discontinued it as it seemed to affect my blood pressure. I keep it on hand whenever a flare occurs and take it for a short time. It acted very quickly for me giving relief.

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