The link between violence and anti-depressant medications

This is an important video on an important subject. We are seeing a dramatic increase in teenage suicides and violent acts as more and more teens are put on a mixture of multiple anti-depressants. This is scary stuff and if you are a parent of a child on these drugs, PLEASE watch this and monitor your child closely.

Personally, there is no way I’d allow my son or anyone I love to get on this stuff unless two conditions were in place:

1. We’d exhausted all other avenues first, including going through a rigorous detoxification and dietary upgrade program

2. The patient was under close, regular supervision by a board certified psychiatrist.

Having family practice doctors put people on this stuff and then not do regular follow up is, in my opinion, criminal negligence and should be illegal. These are VERY powerful drugs that radically alter a person’s biochemistry.

You can watch the video here. It lasts almost 8 minutes.

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