Irradiation of our food supply

By now many of you have read or heard the news reports that the FDA has now authorized irradiation of lettuce and spinach, saying this move will protect our food supply.

No, it destroys it.

Spinach, for example, is loaded with phytonutrients that help create health and fight disease. Radiation damages those nutrients. The FDA has just declared war on a portion of our food supply and will soon push to irradiate all produce entering this country.

I am outraged but not the least bit surprised. It is getting harder and harder to find clean, unadulterated sources of real food in this country and that is absolutely by design. The FDA does not want you well. They do not want you healing yourself with healthy food choices, herbs and supplements. They want you eating all the crap loading the aisles at supermarkets, getting sick, and then trying to “treat” your disease by then consuming MORE toxic material in the form of bogus pharmaceuticals that generally do more harm than good.

Here is an article I recommend reading on the subject. The sentiments expressed are strong, and I agree with them 100%.

People, I urge you, wake up and realize that the FDA is NOT protecting you and your family. They are waging war on our food supply. It is madness.

In the meantime, I also urge you to tell the people from whom you buy produce that you do not want to buy irradiated produce and that if they cannot guarantee their products have not been irradiated that you will take your business elsewhere. Look local, try to buy organic produce from farmer’s markets when possible. Some local farms sell subscriptions and deliver produce on a weekly basis. There are options here, look for them.

Here is an excerpt from the article above for those who don’t click on the link. I want you to get the message. This is serious business.

Does the FDA plan to destroy the health of the U.S. population?

Many people suspect that’s what the FDA really wants. A nutritionally-deficient, disease-ridden population would mean a windfall of profits for the FDA’s buddies in Big Pharma — the folks who sell patented medications at monopoly prices. With the food supply destroyed by radiation, ordinary people would have virtually no remaining sources of protective phytonutrients!

In promoting this food radiation policy, the FDA has accomplished what all the terrorists in the world could not: The mass irradiation of the U.S. food supply — much like setting off a dirty bomb over the nation’s farms (but with less radiation). This destruction of the nutritional value of the food supply is a far greater threat to the health of the U.S. population than any terrorist event, including 9/11. And yet it is being done by our own people, TO our own people, by a lawless agency that answers to no one. FDA officials are not voted into office by the People; they are appointed by politicians. They answer to no one, they refuse to follow federal law, and they operate as tyrants over a quarter of the U.S. economy.

And now they have taken it upon themselves to destroy the national food supply.

We should be more than just alarmed — we should be outraged! The FDA has committed an act of war against the People. With this decision, the FDA has firmly positioned itself as an enemy of the People, and a bringer of death and disease to the nation. Why are our elected representatives in Washington allowing this madness?

Think about this: If the FDA has its way:

• All your food will be irradiated, pasteurized or killed
• All your children will be vaccinated
• All your medicine will be based on pharmaceuticals
• All your free speech about health will be suppressed
• All informative labeling on food and supplements will be outlawed
• Growing and selling non-irradiated garden vegetables will become a crime!

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