Message from Theresa

Theresa asked me to pass along this message to y’all:

The cause of my chronic neck pain was finally discovered. I was having a test done on my neck where a needle is inserted in between discs and directly into nerves to find out which nerves are causing pain. I heard a “CRUNCH” where I should not have heard one. It turned out to be a large mass in my Thyroid gland. Biopsies showed it to probably be benign (no cancer) and my doctor wanted to just monitor it. This is how my tumor in the pineal gland in my brain started, so I was not interested in that approach. I convinced him to remove it which proved to be a very good idea. The mass and part of the thyroid gland itself was wrapped around my esophagus which is what has been causing my swallowing problems. The pathology report from the surgery showed for sure that the mass had NO CANCER – YAY! Again, I was notable for something rare, the surgeon had never seen a thyroid gland wrap around the esophagus like that in his years of practice. The combination was giving me a lot of symptoms that are very quickly clearing up. The other tests on my neck showed that my fusions never fused even though I had MRIs and X-rays that said they did. I have basically been walking around with a broken neck for three years. This will be addressed after I heal from the latest surgery – sometime around Thanksgiving of 2008. I appreciate all the well wishes and inquiries more than any of you know.

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