In praise of slowness

We live busy lives. For many of us, each day seems like a challenge to figure out how to attempt to cram 30 hours of stuff into 16-18 hours of waking time. We are constantly rushing from one thing to the next to the next and we rarely if ever really take the time to savor life.

I have clients who desperately need Egoscue, who have severe pain or limitation in their lives and yet they will not do their menus consistently, pleading “I just don’t have time”. Well guess what, someday, you will. Because if you keep doing what your doing, eventually your body will force you to make time.

And then there’s the tower. The Supine Groin ecises are amongst our most powerful. They also take the longest amount of time to complete. The biggest complaint with them is “they just take so long”. Here’s my suggestion: count this time as a blessing. For once during your day you get to stop and feed your body and spirit in a way that cannot be rushed.

This video talks about this very issue. Are you rushing through life or are you living it?

It’s a bit under 20 minutes. Take the time to watch it.

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One Comment on “In praise of slowness”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    Thanks Rick, this video was just what I needed today!

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