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The FTC is at it again

September 30, 2008

Read this article:

I just wrote a long rant and decided to delete it. These organizations, the FTC, the FDA, the USDA, they want you to believe they are acting in your best interests. They are not. If you want to know whom they are truly protecting, follow the money.

In the meantime, remember you cannot create health with poision, you cannot create balance with imbalance. You cannot create peace and harmony and health within your body by waging war upon it.

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The #4 ranked UCLA Women’s Volleyball team turns to Egoscue

September 25, 2008

Cool story in the news this morning about this team now utilizing Egoscue to assist in their training and injury prevention. Note how towards the end of the article it also mentions that John Cook, the head coach at former national champion and current second-ranked Nebraska has been using Egoscue “for years”.

You can read the article here.

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Angled Glasses

September 22, 2008

We recommend these to our clients who do one of the Supine Groin ecises using the wood Egoscue Tower. They make extended tower time much easier to work into your day. If you’re already going to watch a TV show, a sporting event or a movie, you can lay on your back in front of the TV and watch the TV as if you’re sitting up looking straight at it. I spent a good chunk of time yesterday watching the Ryder Cup and did an extended Supine Groin Progressive, 1 hour a leg. Felt great. I was going to be watching the Ryder Cup anyway, might as well do something powerfully positive for my posture at the same time.

The problem is, these glasses can be hard to find. For some reason many of the distributors are constantly running out of stock. So, here are a few links to where our clients have found them. Good luck!

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The FTC is at it again

September 19, 2008

Read this article:

I just wrote a long rant and decided to delete it. I’m beyond disgusted with this cabal of criminals. The FTC, the FDA, the USDA, what a bunch of freaking crooks. Folks, wake up! If you think they are acting in your best interests, you are wrong. They are acting in someone’s, and if you want to know who that is, follow the money.

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Testimonial from our Nashville clinic

September 18, 2008

received this via email.

Here’s what I love about this testimonial. The client was smart enough to realize that she didn’t get into her situation of pain and limitation overnight and she wasn’t going to get out of it overnight, either. She took the decision to commit to the process! She did her menus and she persevered even though she was not getting the symptom results she was looking for.

“Then, it happened”.

The process is much like what happens as our posture degrades. We don’t yet have symptom but we’re closing in on it. The straws are piling up on the camel’s back and it won’t be long before one too many alights upon it and down the camel goes. People will say to me “why did I feel fine last month and now I hurt?” They think their pain is an event. It’s not. It’s a process. Their body finally got to a point where it ran out of ways to compensate without pain and now their body sent the unmistakable signal of pain, demanding change. And this is also how the process of recovery and healing works. You start restoring postural balance and – listen closely here – eventually the body has no choice but to respond positively. It’s just the way the body works. The question isn’t if it will happen. The question is if the client will persevere and commit to themselves and the process that will help them reach their goals.

So to Denise, my hat is off to you. Congratulations on not giving up on yourself. Congratulations on reclaiming your birthright of pain free function. We at the Austin clinic are proud of you.

Here’s Denise’s testimonial:

Hi John,

It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t write a testimony. I have struggled with Achilles tendon pain and swelling for almost 2 years now. In addition to this, I have periodically suffered SI joint pain, hip pain and stiffness in my upper and lower back. The main complaint was really always my Achilles though as it remained constantly painful and was affecting my running. The bursitis was red and swollen all the time and I could not wait to get my shoe off after a run. Even the sock laying on the tendon was excruciating.

I kept believing it was a stretching “issue” and did stretches constantly to correct the problem. I sought care from Rolfers, chiropractors, massage therapist, special socks to hold my foot flexed, stretching devises, lifts in my shoes, anti-inflammatory creams and was going to get a cortisone shot to get through my next marathon.

All these treatments felt like trying to put a band-aide on a greater problem. By luck, I posted a question on a local running club’s website and had a response from John Elder about Egoscue. I liked that Egoscue dealt with whole body imbalances. It made foundational sense to me that the whole body is connected. In addition, John’s explanation of how my tight upper back, painful lower back, tight hip and ultimately Achilles are all dependent on them working as a unit and in balance. If one is off, the whole body compensates. Finally someone to take and look at my whole mechanical person.

Naturally, I was skeptical. I had many give me promises of how they could cure my Achilles pain. Most of them focused on the calf and Achilles tendon and their tightness. So, I was shocked when week after week, John did not address the calf or Achilles. My “menus” focused on my shoulders, my hips, arching my back and spending time in “the tower” flat on my back with one leg suspended on a board.

Things did not happen over night. I went 6 weeks doing my menus and continuing to hurt, complain and deep down thinking that scar tissue in my calf was causing this problem. I could even feel the dang knot! I decided to give it all I had through the 8 weeks and then see where I was. I had friends tell me my posture looked straighter so that was a benefit.

Then, it happened. On the Thursday of my 7th week, I did a threshold run. Usually speed and hills would tear up my Achilles tendon. I was surprised that it didn’t really hurt very much. The next day I ran an easy 4 miles as a recovery run. I was shocked that there was no pain at all. On Saturday I ran 20 miles for my marathon training. Again, I had no pain and throughout the day my Achilles never flared up.

I have not run pain free for almost 2 years. Each run since has been pain free and my shoe resting on the Achilles does not cause discomfort. I remembered when even my socks resting on that area was unbearable!

There is only one explanation. Egoscue has brought balance to my body and I am functioning symbiotically with all my joints. My running is back to pain free. I now look forward to trying to regain my speed that I lost during these years nursing my Achilles and believe that my stride will be more efficient which will help me gain strength and speed.

I can’t tell you what a miracle this seems to be. I had resigned that this was a part of aging and am thrilled it is not so.



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Music soothes the savage beast

September 16, 2008

Or in this case, cute little puppies.

About a minute long, a man gets a crate of very young puppies to go to sleep by singing to them.

Cooler than it sounds, check it out.

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Nutritional resource

September 15, 2008

At our Austin clinic we talk with our clients about many of the different factors that impact their body’s ability to function without pain and limitation. Many different variables come into play and of course we focus in our clinics on posture. But as I’ve said in prior posts here, we see a definitely linkage between metabolic strength and the client’s ability to generate and hold lasting postural change.

Those who have heard Pete’s radio show have heard him talk about the importance of checking your pH balance and ensuring you are not acidic, and taking steps to remedy that if you are. And I’ve been telling clients in our clinic for the past year about superfood technology that Theresa and I have been using to great effect. In fact I have been so impressed with this style of eating and fueling the body that I interviewed David Favor of Radical Health, the man who has formulated many of the core products I enjoy and recommend to our clients, like the appropriately named “Chocolate Bliss” superfood. You can listen to or download the MP3 of that interview here.

When clients or friends ask where they can obtain these products I’ve given them a few options and then told them that a friend of mine, Kayla Luttman, is opening a website that will sell many of the products I use and recommend and will have them at one site and at very competitive prices. Her site is now open and you can see it here:

I’m also pleased to announce that I’ve arranged with Kayla for our clients to receive a 5% discount on anything they order from her. Just tell her you were referred by Egoscue and she will get you the discount.

We have had a number of our clients begin using these products and invariably the response is that the client feels more energy, more vitality, more mental clarity, less pain, more range of motion and function, and they begin losing weight without even trying. One client, a 55 year old endodontist, told me “I haven’t felt this good in 20 years”. These products are truly first rate. I use them myself and I recommend them to you.

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