Excellent video on levees

This is a very good video from the folks at levees.org talking about what happened in New Orleans with Katrina and how the myths of what happened there keep us from realizing that many other cities are at similar risk of catastrophic flooding. There are many cities around the nation at risk from levees that are not deemed sound, including Sacramento, LA, Portland, Seattle, Nashville, and Washington DC.

I encourage you to watch this video and then visit levees.org to help take action to make our communities safer.

and given that Hurricane Gustav is bearing down on the Gulf Coast as we speak, may I encourage those of you so inclined to pray for our brothers and sisters whose lives and possessions and occupations are at risk from this major storm. And after the storm, if it does turn out to be another disaster, I also encourage you to donate to the American Red Cross and to give blood. Remember, we are all in this together. Next time, it might be you who needs help and is hoping someone somewhere removed from your troubles will take the time to care.

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