a personal request

I just sent this email out to the Egoscue organization nationwide and I’m sending it to you now. Please give it serious consideration.

Hurricane Ike is bearing down on the gulf coast as we speak and is headed (as of now) directly towards Houston. The storm is a monster with the potential of 20 foot storm surges. Think about what that means. This is not just going to be a hurricane, it is also a tsunami. If it continues to track as planned and hits with the impacts predicted, it has the potential to be as bad or worse than Katrina. This could be horrific.

Tens of thousands of people have already been evacuated from the region. Our son’s school district, the schools in our neighborhood, will be housing 4,000-5,000 evacuees. They are already arriving. This happened during Hurricane Rita, as well. We tried to volunteer at the local school but the policy is that only school district employees and American Red Cross personnel are allowed to serve for security reasons and no direct donations of food or other items can be made. Everything must go through the Red Cross.

The Red Cross is putting out a notice for help, after Hurricane Gustav they have been stretched thin. These people need our help, not after the disaster hits but right now. This isn’t some abstract need a world away. There will be families with small children sleeping on a gymnasium floor a half mile from our home and they will need food, water, blankets, possibly medical attention. The Red Cross needs our support. Our clinic has donated to the disaster relief fund and I am asking that each of you would at least consider making such a donation. Even if a small one, every bit helps.

Here’s the online link:


And if you are inclined to such things, keep all the people of the gulf coast region in your prayers. They truly need them.

Thank you.

Rick Mathes
Clinic Director – Egoscue/Austin
website: http://www.egoscue.com
blog: egoscueaustin.wordpress.com

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