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At our Austin clinic we talk with our clients about many of the different factors that impact their body’s ability to function without pain and limitation. Many different variables come into play and of course we focus in our clinics on posture. But as I’ve said in prior posts here, we see a definitely linkage between metabolic strength and the client’s ability to generate and hold lasting postural change.

Those who have heard Pete’s radio show have heard him talk about the importance of checking your pH balance and ensuring you are not acidic, and taking steps to remedy that if you are. And I’ve been telling clients in our clinic for the past year about superfood technology that Theresa and I have been using to great effect. In fact I have been so impressed with this style of eating and fueling the body that I interviewed David Favor of Radical Health, the man who has formulated many of the core products I enjoy and recommend to our clients, like the appropriately named “Chocolate Bliss” superfood. You can listen to or download the MP3 of that interview here.

When clients or friends ask where they can obtain these products I’ve given them a few options and then told them that a friend of mine, Kayla Luttman, is opening a website that will sell many of the products I use and recommend and will have them at one site and at very competitive prices. Her site is now open and you can see it here:

I’m also pleased to announce that I’ve arranged with Kayla for our clients to receive a 5% discount on anything they order from her. Just tell her you were referred by Egoscue and she will get you the discount.

We have had a number of our clients begin using these products and invariably the response is that the client feels more energy, more vitality, more mental clarity, less pain, more range of motion and function, and they begin losing weight without even trying. One client, a 55 year old endodontist, told me “I haven’t felt this good in 20 years”. These products are truly first rate. I use them myself and I recommend them to you.

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