Angled Glasses

We recommend these to our clients who do one of the Supine Groin ecises using the wood Egoscue Tower. They make extended tower time much easier to work into your day. If you’re already going to watch a TV show, a sporting event or a movie, you can lay on your back in front of the TV and watch the TV as if you’re sitting up looking straight at it. I spent a good chunk of time yesterday watching the Ryder Cup and did an extended Supine Groin Progressive, 1 hour a leg. Felt great. I was going to be watching the Ryder Cup anyway, might as well do something powerfully positive for my posture at the same time.

The problem is, these glasses can be hard to find. For some reason many of the distributors are constantly running out of stock. So, here are a few links to where our clients have found them. Good luck!

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One Comment on “Angled Glasses”

  1. Pat Mathews Says:

    Re angled glasses. I usually wear my contacts when using the angled glasses. However a couple of times used them over my regular everyday glasses. Out of no where I got a long scratch on one lense. I had not dropped them and assume it was from the glasses over them. Just a warning.

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