Testimonial about a woman with Parkinsons

thought I’d pass this testimonial on. It’s a woman who brings her mother up from South Texas. She, her husband and her mom drive about 4 hours one way to get here, have a clinic visit and then get in the car and drive 5 hours back. The mom has Parkinsons, is in her 80s and when she came in was in a wheelchair and could not stand up without being pulled up by someone else.

I am so proud of this family, and the client in particular. We all know people in their 70s or 80s who get some health affliction and then say “well, I’m just too old to get better“ and they give up. This client is a fighter, she WORKS. I mean, look at the price she pays just to GET to our clinic. And I had a mom with advanced Parkinsons. I know what it’s like to get her ready to travel. By the time you have her dressed and loaded in the car you want to go back into the house and take a nap, not get on the road and spend 4 hours driving!

This is a testimonial about Egoscue, yes. But it’s more of a testimonial about the human body. I told the client “I guarantee you that much of what you attribute to your disease is not the disease, it’s what you have allowed the disease to take from you. Are you ready to begin taking it back?” And she smiled the most beautiful smile at me and nodded and said yes, she was ready. And then she got to work.

So way to go guys, and keep up the awesome work, you all rock!

Rick, I had to drop you a note to tell you how great mother is doing. By the fourth day of doing her e-cises I noticed that she was sitting up straight on the edge of the couch eating from a table that Tom built for her. The incredible part about that was that she had no pillows propping her back. I usually have to place several pillows behind her back in order for her to eat from the table and even with that she lists to the right. She was sitting up straight and balanced and though her head is still forward it is much higher than it has been. She put herself in that position.

Also, 3 days ago she was sitting on the couch and just got up grabbed her cane and walked to the bathroom by herself. Rick, it was automatic, she didn’t even think about it. I have not seen mother get up from a sitting position by herself in 3 years. She is consistently walking with her cane on her own now.

Also, when she got into bed at night she was unable to lift her feet off the floor to place them on the bed, she would have to lean back on the bed and slowly wiggle her body until she could get them on the bed. Now she contracts her knees up and places them on the bed. All automatic.

Just one more thing Rick, mom has macular degeneration and it has progressed in spite of our efforts to increase nutrients to combat it. One day last week she was sitting on the couch and she reached over and picked up her printed e-cises. I could see her just staring at them, then turn the page and stare again. She finally looked up at me and said “I can’t believe I can read these” Could it be the e-cises are doing that for her, I mean what else could it be?

Every day now she is up out of bed and says “Let’s do my e-cises”. She has only missed two days since we last saw you.

Her muscles are waking up. I am so thankful for Egoscue.


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2 Comments on “Testimonial about a woman with Parkinsons”

  1. greta ruppel Says:

    Hi Rick,
    I was so impressed by the testimonial of the daughter whose mom had Parkinson’s disease.
    I had been wondering if Egoscue could help older folks, (e.g. nursing home residents) as my mom has been in a nursing home for the past three years. Her health is good, but she is wheelchair bound.
    This testimonial answered my question!

  2. Rick Says:

    Hi Greta,

    yes, Egoscue is HUGE for these folks. Most nursing home residents are absolutely starving for….

    – water
    – sufficient nutritional input
    – motion

    address any one of these three and you’ll see improvement. Address all 3 and prepare to be amazed.

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