Bone health and another Fosamax study

I’ve posted about Fosamax before. Here’s a new study that has some alarming data. 4% of test subjects developed jaw necrosis (bone death). 4% is an alarming rate, especially for such a profoundly serious side effect. I’ll put it this way, if this result was found in clinical trials at that rate, this drug would never have been allowed to come to market. Well, I shouldn’t say ‘never’, the FDA has a history that suggests anything is possible here. But it clearly would’ve made the approval process more difficult.

I’ve maintained that we will come to the point in 10-20 years where enough data accumulates that we see no choice but to pull Fosamax from the market. That means the people taking it now are the real test subjects.

I’ll also stress, this is NOT medical advice. I’m not a doctor. Do not make any changes to your medication protocols without consulting with your physician. But if you are taking one of this class of drugs, I’d strongly recommend you print this study out and bring it to your next office visit with your doctor and ask them for their thoughts and advice.

When I get the time I will try to write up a blog entry discussing bone health in more detail along with giving detailed recommendations for improving yours. The short summary there is, do these things to improve bone density and maintain it at healthful levels:

1. Get your pH into acceptable range. See my “5 Keys” post from a few days ago, in the section on Metabolic Strength I discuss pH. This is the single most important thing you can do to improve your health in general, and that includes bone health.

2. Stop eating garbage that weakens bones, and start eating healthful foods that strengthen them. The more animal products you eat, the worse your bone density will be. Simple as that.

3. Align your posture. If your bones are out of position because of postural compromise, then the cellular processes that regulate bone health become likewise impaired. We see clients experience improvement in bone density when the only change they make in their life is doing Egoscue.

4. Move. Walking, running, playing tennis, weightlifting, or one of my favorites, rebounding, are all great ways to exercise the body in a way that will stimulate bone health.

here’s the study I referenced above.

USC dentist links Fosomax-type drugs to jaw necrosis:

After controlling for referral bias, nine of 208 healthy School of Dentistry patients who take or have taken Fosamax for any length of time were diagnosed with osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ). The study’s results are in contrast to drug makers’ prior assertions that bisphosphonate-related ONJ risk is only noticeable with intravenous use of the drugs, not oral usage, Sedghizadeh said. “We’ve been told that the risk with oral bisphosphonates is negligible, but four percent is not negligible,” he said.

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