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Testimonial from our Nashville Clinic

February 25, 2009

Very cool stuff. Starts with an email from John Elder, our clinic director there, then has the email from the client. Names removed for privacy reasons.

Hey all,
This is from the mother of a 14 year old girl who I’ve been working with for about 4-5 months now. She is a triplet and has cerebral palsy. They came to Egoscue to try to prevent what would have been Abigail’s 5th surgery. This surgery would have been to essentially lengthen her achilles because her heels weren’t hitting the floor when she walked. By the end of her first session her heels were hitting, and needless to say, her mother was ecstatic, grateful, etc. I just got his update from her yesterday.

John Elder
Clinic Director
The Egoscue Method Nashville

Client email:

Dear John,

Over the weekend, I asked Abigail to load the dishwasher. She did so without complaining. Later that day, I found her doing it again when she saw the need. Besides the significance and joy of seeing my 14 y.o. helping without being asked, I also saw her do something that has been more difficult than one might think. Just to bend down and retrieve the dishwasher powder from under the sink involved knees together, hanging on ligaments, delicately balancing, staggering back and forth a few steps and finally making a grab for it. Then turn, bend, hang on, etc. to pour into the machine. Repeat such balancing act for all the dishes, silverware, cups, etc. and it was, at best, a strenuous and tedious chore for her. I cannot describe the joy of seeing her easily and happily carrying out this mundane, routine, daily activity.

Sunday afternoon I heard Abigail coming down the stairs. I can always tell by the sound of her walk who it is. Anyway, it was different in that there was less of an irregular clump, clumping sound and more of an even paced and quicker stepping down. But the best part was that after she got what she wanted from the kitchen, she RAN UP THE STAIRS!!!!!!!!!!! and I wasn’t holding my breath to hear if she tripped, because I could hear that she was running so well! I think I could hear her smiling, too.

These are 2 memories I will treasure in my heart. What a change from the girl who wanted to “sit in the chair”, “be left alone”. Whether she knows it, she is enjoying her increasing ability to move more freely.



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Two new studies on breast cancer and nutrition

February 17, 2009

Here are two articles about new studies showing the positive impact of olive oil and drinking tea on breast cancer.

I think it’s important to put these out in front of our attention, we get so conditioned that the only way to ‘beat’ cancer is to fund massive new studies, massively expensive new drug treatment protocols, poison our bodies with chemotherapy or burn them with radiation or mutilate them with surgery. But there are MANY things you can do to make this stuff better that require very little money over what you’re already spending. There are a ton of foods with cancer-fighting properties. Eat a diet rich in olive oil, tea, blueberries, broccoli, spinach, cherries, kale (and more) and you dramatically reduce your risk of being diagnosed with cancer, and if you already have cancer you dramatically improve your chances of overcoming it.

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Exercise your brain and help feed the hungry, all at the same time

February 17, 2009

Cool website, check it out and pitch in.

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Do you need a smile? Watch this!

February 9, 2009

I’ve posted this video before. This is the only repeat to date I’ve posted. A friend just forwarded it to me again and after watching it, I felt like it was exactly what I needed, the reminder that in the midst of a world prone to accentuate the negative, we can still find joy and happiness in the moment, and that we are all WAY more alike than we are different. This video has moments ranging from the silly to the fun to the poignant.

If you’ve seen it before, enjoy it again. If this is your first time, take a deep breath, set aside 3-4 minutes and just enjoy feeling happiness. You deserve some.

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Breast Cancer and Vitamin D

February 8, 2009

Here’s a great article that cites a lot of good research on and information on this topic.

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Some great advice

February 5, 2009

I found this blog from a physician in Australia. Great stuff! Here are 5 excellent suggestions on how to get 2009 started out right.

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