How to Double The Effectiveness Of Your Egoscue Therapy

In my blog post “The 5 Keys to Getting The Most From Egoscue”, I wrote about the importance of doing your menu consistently. They are designed to be done DAILY. Not 4 days a week, not 5, and not 6. EVERY day. And I explained why that is the case. Well, I received an email from a client, it’s a husband and wife who both come see us. Great folks (and congratulations on the new baby!), and in the email I thought they did a really nice job of highlighting the importance of this issue so I’m sharing that part of their email here. I encourage you all to learn from their experience and use this information to get the very most benefit from Egoscue that you can get.

The husband wrote the following:

“We read your article and caught the vision for doing menus everyday. I think
this is what I have been missing. Getting about 3 times the effectiveness.”

Then the wife wrote the following, and I’m really proud of her. They have 3 very young children, so you can imagine how busy she is. If anyone has an excuse to occasionally blow off doing her menus, it’s her. And yet listen to her thought process here and the results she’s obtained from it:

“I have good news . . . I have been doing my menus faithfully. Yes, daily. Mark brought Rick’s “Welcome to Egoscue” article home for me to read trying to encourage me. The part about being committed and doing the menus daily caught my attention. Yet, I didn’t know how to do it with three little ones. I prayed for wisdom and God gave me some ideas. First I made a plan to do my menus every day for 21 days straight. Then, I decided to ignore the house and everything else I needed to do until I finished the menu for the day. I would feed the kids and nurse the baby, but I didn’t get dressed or wash dishes or fold clothes or make phone calls until the menu was done. Wow. The difference in results was almost instant. By day five I felt like a shaken rag doll from the incredibly fast posture change that was going on. I have improved so much in how I feel and Mark says I look better too. I hope my pictures look better, let me know what you think. Day 21 was this past Saturday! Yea!!! My attitude started to get lazy again on Sunday so I made another 21 day commitment.“

Congratulations, guys, I’m really proud of you both!

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