The Flu crisis

This new flu is now getting headlines around the world. Dozens are dead in Mexico, many are ill elsewhere. Should you panic? No. Are there things you can do to better prepare yourself to resist the flu? Yes, absolutely!

I’m working on an article on this topic and I hope to have it up in a day or two, so check back. I’ll give you some very practical tools to use to strengthen your immune system, and links to products I use and recommend to fight bacterial and viruses. I’ve been telling people for awhile, especially with the prevalence of anti biotics combined with just how toxic our world has become, and how weakened most people’s immune systems are, there is a reasonably good chance we are going to see a serious pandemic in our lifetime. Your best strategy isn’t to run and hide, it’s to strengthen yourself internally. Don’t look to the medical community for help, and certainly don’t look for a vaccine to save you. You don’t need it and a vaccine may do more harm than good in this case.

Check back in a few days and I’ll have this article up.

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