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Egoscue helped him have a record setting hip replacement recovery!

May 30, 2009

My wife, fellow therapist and clinic co-owner Theresa sent out this email and I loved it! A client of ours came to us with a degenerative hip. It was just a matter of time before he’d need a hip replacement. He did his Egoscue work faithfully and just had his hip replaced and here’s what Theresa sent out, thought you’d all enjoy reading it.

From Theresa:
This is a testimonial from a client who is also a new affiliate.

We had tried to keep her husband from having to undergo a hip replacement but explained that if he did end up having one, his recovery would much easier if he put in the Egoscue work at the front end. He had the surgery Tuesday and here is his wife’s testimonial about the benefit of having done Egoscue prior to the surgery.

Feel free to use this for your clients who may be facing this surgery.

I have another client who has a similar story. He has not written it out but is happy to talk to people on the phone about the benefits of Egoscue prior to hip replacement surgery.

Enjoy and feel good about what we do!!!
Theresa Mathes

Begin forwarded message:

Well, John just may have joined the ranks of the medial record books. Dr. Thoulson said that out of 800 hip replacement patients, John is his number one in recovery. He even sent over a video camera team to film John walking down the hospital corridor without a cane — this just two days past surgery! The likely combo was that he had three unique nerve blocks, spinal, sacral, and lumbar and then was given the twilight drug. This all fooled his brain into not knowing he even had a new hip put in! Second to that, the Egoscue Method advocates that doing postural movement menus readies a person for a superior surgical recovery, so I have to believe that John’s exercises these last two years made a wonderful difference for him. Whatever combo prepared him so well, and many hands contributed, he is one happy man, now recovering at home! Thank you for your calls, visits and e-mail and all!

We’re so happy that this long pain cycle just got beaten down!

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Lynn turned back the functional clock!

May 30, 2009

Lynn started with our clinic in Austin about 3 years ago, she came in with low back pain that really limited her ability to do the things she loved to do. She was a great student, did her exercises daily and made wonderful progress and quickly was back to doing anything she wanted to do without pain or limitation. She was kind enough to record a short video testimonial for us, so I’m sharing that with you here:

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Sciatic Pain testimonial

May 28, 2009

Here is a great video testimonial from our clinic in San Jose, a client who is used to being very active who experienced sciatic pain after two disc herniations. You can here his story here, runs about 2 minutes:

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Good video on osteoporosis

May 25, 2009

Here’s a good video from on the subject of osteoporosis.

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The Patriot Act at Work

May 23, 2009

I’ve been opposed to the Patriot Act from its inception. Yes, I believe we need to protect our nation from terrorists but we do not strengthen America by weakening its civil liberties as afforded by the Constitution. It sounds cliche, but if we allow ourselves to go down this road, then we are giving terrorists the exact victory they seek.

When I’ve discussed this issue with people, I keep hearing the response “well, if you’re not guilty of anything then you don’t have anything to worry about.” That is incredibly naive and misguided. Our founding fathers well knew that a strong Constitution with clearly documented civil liberties and protections was necessary to protect our rights against our own government. And now we have a case that clearly documents the dangers of the Patriot Act.

Folks, you need to understand something if you don’t already understand it. It is now the law of the land that the government can break into your home, take you or a family member, give you no justification or proof for why they are doing so, remove the person to an undisclosed location and deny that person the ability to seek counsel or communicate with family. That is something we used to fight, now it’s something we’ve become.

In this case, a 16 year old boy was accused of making terrorist threats. It sounds like the accusations may be misguided but obviously we don’t have sufficient information to make any kind of worthwhile judgment on this. But it is ridiculous to me that a 16 year old boy could be taken from his home under the Patriot Act, instead of simply making a standard criminal arrest. I have a 16 year old son and the idea of what happened to this other boy happening to him just shakes me. I can’t imagine what this family is going through.

Watch this newscast and understand, we need to start taking our rights back. This is supposed to be a government BY the people and FOR the people and for far too long, that has not been the case. That NEEDS to change.

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Testimonial from an athlete

May 22, 2009

Several months ago I began working with a young man from Houston. He was referred to me by Dr Mark Adickes, the co-chairman of the Roger Clemens Performance Institute at Memorial Hermann Medical Center in Houston and one of the orthopedic surgeons for the Houston Rockets (from the NBA). This young man was a high school quarterback, and a good one. He was about to enter his junior year of high school and was being recruited by a number of the top football programs in the country, including Texas, Oklahoma, LSU and Georgia. Pretty elite company. The problem was, he had back pain that was so severe that he couldn’t run without severe pain. Obviously he wanted to get out of pain but he also wanted to perform at a high level and be able to play through the year and hopefully earn a scholarship offer to a great school.

So, we began working together and he improved very rapidly. He did his exercises faithfully and I was delighted to see his progress. His pain resolved and he played the entire year without missing a game, no pain. He had a great season and was offered a scholarship by one of the schools listed above! I’m really happy for him, he’s a great young man and I know how hard he’s worked to pursue his dream.

He just sent us a brief testimonial and I thought I’d share it with you here:

The Egoscue Method completely changed the way I think about the importance of good posture and body position because of the way it makes me throw harder, recover faster, and even play better. I recommend this to any athlete or non-athlete who is looking to make his or her body in the shape its meant to be!

I’ve written about this concept before, when your posture is aligned and balanced your body will just flat work better, whether you are a quarterback or a tennis player or someone who simply likes to go for long walks and work in the garden. In each case the principle is the same. Use Egoscue to get your body back where it needs to be and then go USE it!

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Aging Knees? Straighten, then Strengthen!

May 14, 2009

I’m passing this along, was in the newsletter from our Santa Monica clinic. If you have knee pain and have not started with Egoscue, I encourage you to closely study this entry.

Aging Knees? Straighten, then Strengthen

With 46 million people across the country suffering from chronic joint pain stemming from arthritis, the knees often get a bad rap. Labeled as a “poorly designed joint” or questioned for the wide variety of problems that seem to end up in the knees, they are often misunderstood while taking on the brunt of the load for other misbehaving areas of the body.

In simple terms, the knee is a hinge joint — designed to flex and extend with minor amounts of accessory movement. Why would there be so many issues in a joint that has the simple task of movement in one direction? Well, that’s where things get sticky.

Take a look at this photo:

Notice anything funny about these knees? Well, besides the major amounts of swelling, you may notice that they point outward and are bowed as well. Who’s job do you think it is to tell the knee which way to point? I’ll give you a hint… it ain’t the knee.

Rather, the knee listens the hip. Sure, the foot and ankle can influence the knee, but overall, the hip is responsible for the direction and placement of the knee. If the hip is neglectful in it’s duty to point the knee in the right direction, then (as you’ll notice in the picture below on the left) the knee eventually becomes unable to flex and extend as it is designed to do. If unable to do it’s job, the knee will start to suffer and complain (as it should) to get help.


In this case, chronic inflammation is present due to the constant stress and strain the knees are taking from being out of position in all activities, including walking. (Imagine a door off it’s hinges being opened and shut a few hundred times during the day — multiplied by 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, etc). Now, doctors and health professionals will all tell you that movement is good for arthritis and that you don’t want to stay immobilized for long periods of time because it does not facilitate healing. But when there is a negative consequence to moving and a price to pay in the form of pain, it makes being active all the more difficult. And popping meds to help reduce inflammation or to decrease pain may help cope during or after exercise, but is only masking the problem.

There has to be a better way and there is. At Egoscue, we have a mantra that says, “Get Straight, then Strengthen.” This basic premise says get the body in line, then allow it work as it’s designed. If the knees are directed by the hips, then let’s stop beating them up and get the proper hip muscles to do their work in keeping the knees in line. Walking and moving then become all the easier, inflammatory responses go down, and the healing process can take place. Don’t wait too long for all of the cartilage to deteriorate. Get started on your own program today.

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