Please help those who want freedom in Iran

Most of you are aware that Iran is going through a pivotal time right now. The country is full of people who want freedom, to change that country’s direction, and who want to become full and responsible members of the world community. It is highly probably their election was rigged. To see an interesting statistical analysis on this you can read this link:

These people are rightly demanding that their government hear their voice and count their votes, accurately. They are being denied a right to protest, often facing violent brutality that is leaving scores of protestors injured or killed. They are desperately trying to communicate with each other and the outside world but the Iranian government is feverishly working to close down their ability to access the internet. This is where we come in. We can help change that and give them back their voices. Please read below, it’s an email I received from Avaaz, a fine organization dedicated to peace and justice. I just donated a modest amount to this cause and I’m hoping you will at least consider doing so, as well. These people need our help. Let’s provide it.

Here’s the email:

Last week, millions of Iranians took to the streets to peacefully protest election-rigging. The resulting crackdown by the regime and security forces has left scores dead and hundreds locked up. No a blackout if descending across Iran, internet and other forms of media are being limited and cyber-surveillance threatens to stop all Iranians communicating freely.

We can‘t let that happen. Unless Iranians are able to share information freely over the coming weeks, their voices may be silenced for good. Let’s help break the blackout — people in Iran are asking us to re-open secure and anonymous communication channels for them, particularly anonymous web proxy services. One small donation of $10 can fund enough bandwidth for Iranians to send hundreds of secure emails. The next two weeks will be crucial! Please donate now:


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