Why so many are sick

This video does a great job of explaining what the REAL hazards are in our lives. Learn who should be a more wanted man than Osama bin Laden. Learn what the real threats are to your life and some things you can do about it.

Great video. Enjoy!

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3 Comments on “Why so many are sick”

  1. Matt Says:

    GREAT video Rick! Thanks for sharing. I can not agree more. The research is there, we know what is killing us, now it is about educating the masses about what is TRUE and REAL nutrition and what is false advertising by large corporations about what is healthy.

  2. Matt Metzgar Says:

    Clearly, our ancestors ate meat. Vegetarianism is not a healthy long-term eating pattern. You should look into the research on the Paleo diet.

  3. Rick Says:


    a few questions…..

    1. Can you site studies backing up your assertion that “vegetarianism is not a healthy long term eating pattern?” because I can show multiple studies that show health improvements when eliminating animal protein and fats from our diets. From cardiology studies done at the Cleveland Clinic to the esteemed book “The China Study”, the evidence is clear that our bodies do not handle animal fats well.

    2. Yes, our ancestors ate meat, at least in some stages of development. There were also periods where they subsisted primarily on plants. Which ancestral period should we use as the model? Many of our ancestors also owned slaves. Should we model that behavior as well? Just because it was done at some point in the past doesn’t mean it should be done in the future.

    There are numerous studies showing the negative health effects of consuming animal flesh. If you eat beef, you should know that what gives it flavor is uric acid, a by product of the animal’s urine. What tenderizes it is the back flow of fecal matter. So if you’re enjoying a nice juicy, tasty steak, you’re “enjoying” a nice dose of animal urine and feces. Hmmm….

    Then we can talk about the environmental impacts of consuming animals. The most reliable number I can find on water consumption is that it takes approximately 2,500 gallons of water to bring one pound of California beef to the table. The raising of cattle is an environmental catastrophe, it consumes a huge amount of our water and then creates massive pollution to the rest of it. And we heavily subsidize the beef industry. If we made beef reflect its true cost of production (which I wish we would do), some studies estimate a pound of ground beef would cost $30.

    I will grant that many vegetarians are unhealthy. That is primarily because most people don’t know how to do it properly. They overly consume cold damp foods like salads and don’t get enough dry heating foods to maintain balance.

    Bottom line, I’ve yet to find a single study that shows that someone who was a vegetarian and started eating meat improved their cardiovascular health, but I can find a ton of studies showing the opposite, showing that vegetarians largely have lower incidents of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and better bone density. Combine that with the environmental impacts and for me the answer is a no brainer. From a health and environmental perspective, humans simply cannot afford to continue to consume meat and the day IS coming where most people will have no choice but to radically reduce or eliminate their consumption of these products. We will eventually get to the point where we have to decide if we want to use water to grow crops for cattle, or do we want that water to go to humans. And for me, that’s an easy call to make.

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