Once again, Pete was ahead of his time!

Some research was done a few years back in Australia that led to the craze of trying to strengthen very specific muscles in your core, and that while exercising to consciously tighten your abdominal muscles and suck in your stomach. I’ve lost track of how many clients we’ve had who are surprised when we tell them “no, keep your stomach muscles relaxed. If they need to work to stabilize you, they will. Exaggerating an abdominal contraction while exercising, in our view, is not a productive thing to do in most cases.

Well, new research is showing that, guess what? Yep, not only does this practice not have the desired effect, it could have negative consequences.

I’ll tell ya, the more research that comes out, the smarter Pete Egoscue looks.

You can read this great article here:

Core Myths, from the New York Times.

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