Mercury and your health

Ok, you NEED to watch this video. It’s less than 9 minutes long and it’s going to blow you away. I knew that mercury fillings were toxic, but I had no idea just how easily they leeched into the body. This is shocking stuff. It makes me VERY glad I’ve got all my mercury fillings out of my body.

I’ve been critical of the FDA before, but now they’ve gone over the top. In my opinion, the FDA can now be reasonably found to be criminally negligent with their recent declaration that mercury fillings are safe and do not pose a health threat to most people. This simply ignores the abundance of science to the contrary.

Read this article to learn more.

If you have mercury fillings, remove them. If you’ve don’t have any, don’t let anyone put any in.

Read the article above and watch the video below. You’ll be glad you did.

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One Comment on “Mercury and your health”

  1. Debbie Says:

    The video above is an eye opener. It amazes me that with all of the studies available about Mercury and the problems it can and does cause humans, the FDA still allows its use.

    I have found additional information discussing health problems associated with Mecury fillings at

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