Get into an accelerated learning state on command

from the Genius Sparks newsletter from Learning Strategies Corporation:

Welcome to Genius Sparks from Paul R. Scheele ************************************************

The concept of mind over matter is a fascinating one. It can explain such phenomena as how objects move telekinetically in a research lab to how humans achieve feats of greatness in the face of unimaginable pain.

And mind over matter is about to go mainstream.

Brain researchers and toy developers alike are using biosensors with computer interfaces to measure electrical impulses in the brain and decipher and interpret actual mental states such as attention and meditation.

In fact, two competing toys aimed for the market later this year will challenge the user, wearing a simple sensor, to focus their concentration to levitate and move a ping-pong ball with their thoughts.

The ability to measure and monitor the brain’s electrical activity isn’t new. I remember when I first used an electroencephalograph (EEG) years ago while PhotoReading, which uses both the left and right brain hemispheres—the whole mind—to mentally photograph the pages of a book.

The computer immediately registered a decrease in conscious, analytical brain wave patterns and a corresponding rise in deep learning brain wave patterns. It convincingly demonstrated to me the power of training to get into state for learning.

Human brain waves normally operate in a range of frequencies from 1 to 30 hertz, or cycles a second. Smaller frequency modes within this wider range are associated with a variety of brain functions or capabilities.

These modes are like “brain channels,” similar to television channels. At each of these channel settings, different personal resources are available to you. The slower brain frequencies are associated with remarkable powers, seemingly miraculous to those who use the faster brain frequencies of the conscious mind.

Just as you change channels on your TV, you can change your brain channels to tap more of your mind’s full potential.

Simply get into a state of relaxed alertness, the ideal state for reading, learning, or performing any mental activity. You can easily do so with the “tangerine technique” from our PhotoReading process. Here’s how:

• Hold an imaginary tangerine in your hand. Experience the weight, color, texture, and smell of the tangerine.

• Gently close your eyes and place the tangerine so it delicately balances on the top, back part of your head. Touch that area gently with your hand. Become aware of the feeling. Now, imagine that tangerine floating up and behind your head, 6 to 12 inches. • Imagine your field of vision opening up.

• Maintain the relaxed feeling of alertness as you open your eyes and begin your desired activity.

Use this simple technique anytime you want to quickly access your vast brain power—even if just to keep a ping-pong ball floating in the air!

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