A note from Rick

Hi folks, I wanted to apologize for my erratic and infrequent posting here of late. It’s been an interesting couple months.

Early in the year, I fell while roughhousing with my teenage son and tore a tendon in my left shoulder. I knew it probably required surgery but wanted to give it every opportunity to heal on its own. I ended up getting surgery in early September and it went very well. They found a third of the subscapularis tendon was ripped away from the bone and needed to be reattached. The first month after the surgery was a challenge, I had to have my arm in a sling most of the time. Even though it was my left arm and I’m right handed, you forget how many things you use both arms for. Rehab is going well and I’m ahead of schedule and doing great with it.

Then I had the privilege of contracting the H1N1 flu. It’s just ripping through our school district. The good news is I used a lot of the strategies I’ve discussed here and while it wasn’t any fun, I got over it faster than the typical Central Texas case (from what I’ve read), and my symptoms didn’t get all that bad. During most of it I actually could’ve worked, but I didn’t want to communicate it to anyone else so I laid low.

Then this past weekend I developed a case of cellulitis/MRSA on my right elbow. Basically, that’s a localized staph infection of the tissue that is resistant to antibiotics. The only way to effectively treat it is IV antibiotics, so guess what I’m doing right now? I’m in the hospital getting IV antibiotics! I actually feel great, just gotta get this elbow cooled off and I’ll be on my way, thank you very much.

It was funny, I asked if they could unhook me from the IV setup after the last dose was finished so I could maybe go for a walk outside and get some sunshine and fresh air. Nope, not allowed to leave the floor, had to drag the IV stand with me. OK, I thought, have it your way. So I went out and started doing laps around the floor. Freaked the nurses out, they weren’t used to seeing someone walking that fast around their floor, shoot, I was the only patient up and walking at all, and most of the beds here are full. At first they smiled, then on the second lap they kind of laughed and made some jokes, by the end they were saying “next time we should just follow you and do a group workout!” Yes, come join me! And afterwards we’ll do an Egoscue menu and I’ll show you all how to help those tight shoulders feel better.

So anyway, hopefully on a physical level I’m about to come up for air. I’ve got some cool stuff to share with you and I promise it’s coming. Thanks to those of you who regularly check back here and I promise more content is on the way. The elbow is already responding well to the drugs and I’m hoping to be discharged in a day or two.

Peace and health to all our friends out there.

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2 Comments on “A note from Rick”

  1. egoscueportland Says:

    I’m glad to hear you are getting back to 100%. I am looking forward to more great blog posts in the coming weeks! We love ya!

  2. Bobbi Frels Says:

    Hi Rick! Glad to hear you are getting better! You haven’t heard from me because I’m doing very well!! Thanks to you!
    The Tower 5 plus days a week along w/the other e-cises you set up for me are keeping me strong.
    I love your blog!

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