Do It Yourself Chiropractic Adjustments

from our Orange County clinic director’s blog:

One of the things i love about Egoscue is that it so empowers the client. Most people have a sense that they understand their bodies and have a feel for what is wrong. They’re looking for someone who will believe in them and guide them, who will work WITH them instead of just throwing pills or procedures at them. And that’s exactly what Egoscue does. We encourage our clients to trust their own instincts and to never act against them. They know their bodies better than ANYONE else, including all the so-called experts, and that includes us Egoscue therapists. i don’t just encourage our clients to share what they think and believe about their bodies with us, it’s mandatory, something they MUST do if our relationship together is to be as productive as possible.

So congratulations, Marie, for taking ownership of your body and the process. Keep on rockin’!

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