How a Triathlete Used Egoscue to Compete Again

This article was published last month in the Marin Independent Journal, about a triathlete who used Egoscue to be able to compete again, and compete at an elite level. I love a couple different things about this article. First, obviously I simply love the fact that she used Egoscue to get better and stronger. But then in the middle of the article there is a little line that a lot of people might miss:

In April, Mueller won her age-group in Sonoma County’s Vineman Showdown sprint triathlon and took second at the Napa Valley Sprint Triathlon in May, confirming that the World Championships were within her reach. Later in May, however, a bike accident on Paradise Drive nearly ended her season.

“I landed on my head and my lower back came down right on the edge of the sidewalk,” she said.

Nursing a herniated disk certainly derailed Mueller’s training plan, but it also presented her with a unique opportunity to put her Egoscue methodology to the test. Despite the pain, Mueller was quickly back in action, winning her age-group at the Golden Gate Triathlon in June with a 5K run split (18:23), which was faster than her best stand-alone 5K time in college. Mueller went on to win her age-group at the Treasure Island Triathlon in July before heading to the Pacific Coast Triathlon in Newport Beach, the national qualifier for the World Championships.

This makes a GREAT point about Egoscue and how our bodies work. I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve spoken with who believe they hurt because they have a herniated disc, and that the reason they have the herniation was because of an accident. They give all their power to this accident and now feel powerless to do anything about it. So they don’t start working with us, they continue to hurt and life doesn’t get better and typically they’ll end up getting surgery which may or may not help with the pain.

Those who know my story know I had a severe accident. And several years later I had ruptured disc in my low back, but after a long talk with Pete Egoscue at my first visit to the San Diego clinic, I was convinced that the foundation of my pain and my ‘condition’ was my compromised posture and I set to work on bringing my posture back to balance. And guess what, it worked! And that’s exactly what Mueller did. She injured herself, but she just kept believing in the importance of working on her posture and what happened? The limitation from the herniated disc went away and she kicked some serious butt.

There’s a message here, folks. If you hurt, most of you have been told by some doctor or other “expert” why you hurt and that ‘why’ almost certainly related to the condition of your body. You have arthritis, or you have a disc problem, or stenosis, you’re ‘bone on bone’, and on and on and on. I cannot stress this strongly enough: don’t worry about the condition, and instead, focus on restoring your postural balance. If you do that, I promise you, life will get a LOT better. It happened for a world-class triathlete, and it WILL happen for you, too! You just have to decide to take action.

Here’s the article in its entirety, enjoy!

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