What do YOU believe?

I had a client in my office late last week, very nice guy. He’s in his early 70s and is a nationally ranked tennis player and a member of the Texas Tennis Hall of Fame. His goal is to keep playing tennis at a high level for a long time. But he’s had a challenge, he was in for his 8th visit but he’s still never really committed, never really gotten after fixing his posture and diligently utilizing Egoscue as a tool to help him achieve his goals. He’d do his menu maybe every other day and then lament his lack of progress.

We’d consistently talked about the importance of consistency, how important it is to do menus every day to train your posture where it needs to go and he’d nod his head, then go home and not do it. So at this visit I asked him “what do you believe to be true about your body?” and we found that one of his core beliefs is that aging necessarily means one HAS to get weaker and less functional and have more pain. When I told him – again – that I don’t believe that to be true and that I believe he can be stronger and more functional and in less pain at 75 than he is at 74, he just shook his head in disbelief. “I just have a hard time believing that’s possible”, he said.

Well, that put things into crystal clear context. Of COURSE he wasn’t doing his menus every day, why would he? If I had work to do that deep down I believed would not produce my desired result, I wouldn’t do it, either. So we talked about beliefs, about what’s possible. I asked him “do you know anyone in their 60s or 70s who got stronger from one year to the next?”

Well, he did, actually. He had just been beaten by a player in a tournament who he regularly trounced. But this player committed to his game and improved to the point where he beat my client, to his surprise and dismay.

I asked my client “how do you think he did that?” We talked about the work that player had to put in, both on the technical side of his game but also on maintaining his body and my client started to nod. Then he said “and there’s my mother.” I asked him “what about your mother?”

well, she’s 97, still drives, swims several times a week, walks every day, gardens, lives alone and is in very good health. So I asked “well, what’s she like?” He responded that she’s enthusiastic, never feels sorry for herself, believes she should always be moving and that she likes to say she doesn’t have time to slow down. I LOVED that. I emphasized to my client to look at her beliefs. She didn’t have the belief that the passage of time meant her abilities had to diminish. And her results were living proof that it doesn’t have to be so.

I told him “look, I can give you another menu, but you don’t need another routine. What you need is to decide what you believe. Can you get better or are you stuck? I don’t believe you are stuck and I’m absolutely convinced you can get MUCH better than where you are now. But it doesn’t matter what I believe, it matters what YOU believe.”

so I encouraged him to go home and think about this, meditate upon it, pray about it. If he decides he can’t get better and it’s all downhill from here, then there’s no reason for him to come back and see me and I wish him all the best and I’ve enjoyed our time working together. If he decides to raise his standards and to believe he CAN get better, and is willing to commit to making that happen, then he absolutely needs to come back to see me.

I hope for his sake he makes a quality choice here, but it’s HIS choice to make, and to a very significant degree it’s going to define the physical quality of the rest of his life.

So I ask you as we head into a new year, what do YOU believe about your body? Are you stuck? Or can it get better? Can you be stronger and healthier by the end of 2010 than you are now at the end of 2009? I believe you can, but again, that doesn’t matter. If you believe things can get better, good for you! Now it’s time to create a plan and work that plan. If you’re already a client, call your therapist, communicate your goals and tell them you want them to help you map out a plan to achieve them and to tell you frankly the work required to do it. If you’re not a client, I invite you to call us so we can begin this discussion with you.

Let’s make 2010 the year you get your body back. Raise your standards, stop settling. That pain you’ve accepted for the last few months or years? You don’t have to live with that limitation. Believe it can get better and then let’s get to work to make that improvement a reality.

I wish all of you as happy, prosperous and healthy a new year as your beliefs and your work ethic will merit. And we look forward to joining you on the journey!

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