The great H1N1 hoax

sorry for the lack of posts in recent days. I was up in Dallas doing a travel clinic last week and am catching up in this one. Now, on to today’s post:

I cannot, and will not, give medical advice. But when clients asked me about the new super flu and if I was going to get a vaccination, I told them I thought the actual risk of a ‘pandemic’ was minimal, that this was grossly overblown and probably done so by the pharmaceutical companies in order to make a fear-based windfall that had nothing to do with actual risks, and that the vaccine itself was not something I was going to put in my body. I don’t do flu shots and I recommend that anyone who thinks they actually are healthful do some honest research. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

In any event, here’s a great article that talks about these issues. The sad thing here is in an economy where the taxpayers are already forking over boatloads of money to large corporations, this was in effect a big swindle that the government enabled, and directly gave pharmaceutical companies over a billion dollars of our money without any benefit in return. That’s money that could’ve gone to far better use. When are we going to learn….

Here’s the article

and then, a teaser for you. I have something I’m going to post here in the next couple of days that is going to give you absolute visual proof that what Pete Egoscue has said for years is right on the money. You CAN change the position of joints, and that when you do, the body can begin to repair itself, and even grow cartilage. Trust me, you are going to LOVE what you see. For those of you who are hurting, especially those of you with degenerative knees or hips, it’s going to give you a LOT of hope.

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