Having trouble sleeping?

I’ve got a friend who mentioned to me he’s having some sleeping issues. Specifically, he falls asleep OK but then wakes up and can’t fall back to sleep. He was wondering if he should consult a physician and begin taking prescription sleep aids. I sent him a reply with some information and then I thought that perhaps I should share it here with you guys. So, I hope you find this helpful, here’s what I wrote him.

Re your sleep issues, before going the pharmaceutical route
I would strongly suggest trying a more natural approach.
There are a number of herbs that are clinically proven to
enhance/induce sleep.

For example, here’s one I’ve used and recommended in the


and here’s somewhere you can buy it cheaply online:


that’s just one example. If there’s a good quality
naturopathic store near you that has trained wellness
consultants, you might wish to pay them a visit and talk
about this with them.

I’d also consider beginning the use of melatonin. Find
someone locally who sells it and knows what they’re doing
and can help you structure a protocol. If you can’t, let me
know and I’ll help you.

Finally, if you’re not familiar with basic “sleep hygiene”
principles, read up:


one thing to add to that, you want your bedroom to be as
totally dark as possible. Even a minor amount of light, like
from a nightlight or an alarm clock, will disrupt the
body’s natural production of melatonin.

hope that helps. Try these things first, then if you’re
still having issues, then go talk to a doctor. But start

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