Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

This is a new technique that is benefitting a lot of people who have severely degenerative hips. Compared to a traditional hip replacement procedure, the benefit here is that far less soft tissue is cut so there is typically less post-operative pain and a quicker return to function. I’m going to embed the video below. It’s not for the squeamish. But if you are a candidate for such surgery, or if you have hip pain and want motivation to do your Egoscue exercises and fix your alignment issues, then watch this video.

Now, our clients know our position on this. We are NOT anti-surgery. If you need it, thank goodness procedures like this are available. But here’s the analogy I use with our clients. You hit a pothole and you knock the front end of your car out of alignment. Well, if you keep driving your car, what happens to your tires? That’s right, they wear unevenly and your car’s performance deteriorates. If they get bad enough, you may need to buy new tires.

But, what happens if ALL you do is buy new tires? You’re going to grind them up, too! And you’re going to wonder why the car is still not handling correctly. The answer here is obvious: you may or may not need to buy new tires, but you had better fix the alignment issue or you’ll continue to have problems.

The same holds true of your hip. It may be to a point where you have no choice, you have to replace the hip. But you had better fix the hip’s alignment or you’re going to continue to have problems. We’ve had a lot of clients come to us with degenerative hips. Some we can help avoid surgery. Many come to us knowing they will absolutely need surgery and their goal is to get their hip into as sound a position as possible prior to the procedure so they can have as good an outcome as possible.

We recently had several clients go through this and in each case, they were dismissed from physical therapy about halfway through the normal protocol because they were doing so well. They had FAR less pain and FAR more range of motion and function than the typical hip replacement patient.

So, if you have a degenerative hip, then yes, do your due diligence. But fix your posture, your hip (either the old or the new one) will thank you!

Here’s the video:

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