Testimonial from a client with a degenerative hip

I received an email from a client of mine, a very neat lady who has one artificial hip and came in trying to avoid or defer getting the second one replaced. By the time she got to me the hip was pretty well gone and the doctors were telling her she needed to get this done within a matter of months. She asked what I thought. After watching her walk, I told her there was no doubt in my mind that she could improve if she did the work, and that given what I saw as she walked I thought eventually she’d probably want to get the hip replaced, I told her doing Egoscue would accomplish two things. First, she’s start to feel better right away. Second, getting the hip into a better position would help her have the best possible outcome if she did proceed with a hip replacement operation.

She started in April of last year (2009) and was soon walking better than she had in years. She saw the doctor and he said “based on your progress, let’s push things out a year”. She’s now going to get the hip done this fall but is still walking MUCH better than she did a year ago. She’s worked hard and it’s paid big dividends.

And I know that when she has her surgery this fall she’s going to do great. We consistently see terrific outcomes when a client does Egoscue prior to a joint replacement operation. They usually get through post surgical rehab much faster and with less pain and more function than the physical therapist is used to seeing. Well, that’s no surprise. Get the joint into a better position going into the surgery and it’s going to work much better after the surgery!

Anyway, at the end of her email, she included this statement and I liked it so much I thought I’d share it with you all. Now, the only thing I’d say in response is that I don’t deserve the credit for her improvement. SHE does! She’s the one who believed in her body and did the work. I’m very, very proud of her.

Here’s what she wrote. If you’re in pain and using pills or ointments or shots to get through your days and weeks, imagine if you could say this:

Last week, I happened to open the lower drawer on my night table, and saw that it was full of pain meds. I hadn’t looked in there for a year – it had lots of left-over pain pills from the hip and knee operations, and an assortment of arthritis creams, Jointflex, Tylenol-PM, etc., etc. I haven’t used one pain pill or cream since I started to do Egoscue. You have truly kept me pain-free. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate what you did for me.

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