Missing teenager – Alexandria (Ali) Lowitzer

a client sent me this email and I’m passing it on here. I cannot imagine anything more wrenching than having your child go missing. It has a link to the YouTube video showing Ali, but I’ve embedded the video below so you don’t have to click over to YouTube to find it.

Hey there !

I need your help.. and I know you can help me and we together can make this huge!!!!! I want it nationwide! Let’s do it!!!!!

My friends’ daughter is missing… Ali (Alexandria) Lowitzer… here from Spring, Tx. She has been gone now for over a month.. we need her home…. She was not a run away… she was taken ….

PLEASE HELP US FIND HER… I’m asking you to forward this email to everyone you know. It is very very very important. Workers, co-workers, friends, family, neighbors … everyone! It doesn’t even matter where they live… please just forward forward forward! I cannot stress enough how urgent this is…

Thank you for your help… God bless you all!
To all my FB /HS/CO-WORKER/ friends & family out here!!!! It is VERY important to me.. & to my friends’ family, that we continue to get the word out about JoAnn & John’s missing teen-age daughter… we cannot forget, we cannot put it aside.. if it were your daughter… you would be asking the same … please take one second of your time and POST THIS to your wall… I need this to go EVERYWHERE.. asap!!! Help us bring Ali home…. someone has to know something…. thank you all! God bless you! P

Alexandria Lowitzer
This is a slide show I made for my friend Ali who has been missing since April 26, 2010. There have no clues whatsoever to her dissappearance. Please pass this along to everyone so they can be more aware of her. …


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