He golfs without pain!

I have a good friend who lives in Mexico and is an avid golfer. And he’s a good one, around a 1 handicap. A few years ago he was having some severe back pain and golfing was becoming increasingly difficult for him. We worked together for a couple of sessions and he did very well and the pain quickly improved. He just sent me this message, I thought I’d share it with you all.



Last week, while going through some old, stored stuff that i
have in the laundry room, i came across a portable chair
that i used to take with me to the golf course whenever i
was playing on consecutive days.


5 years ago, i used to take 3 different pills before
playing, and one pain killer after, couldn’t untie my shoe
laces after 18, couldn’t sleep for more than 5 hours
straight before pain would wake me up.

My back was killing me.

5 years later, i can walk 27 holes , i can sleep like a
baby, play golf every single day, and not even feel the
slightest discomfort on my back.

And all that without a single pain killer, no more muscle
relaxer pills, no nothing, my back is as flexible as new.

Thank you very much my friend, i owe you big time.

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