Can the spine really change its curvature?

We’ll have clients who come in with a ‘military neck’, where they’ve lost the normal extension curve in their neck (cervical spine) and they’ll wonder if it can truly improve.

Well, I just checked in with a client via email and got this reply back:

I am doing VERY well. As you know I get Upper cervical chiropractic adjustments. I needed new xrays last week because the adjustment gave me an immediate headache and severe nausea among other things. I was delighted to see a beautiful cervical curve in place of the ram rod straight neck on the last xrays in April. I also have had several weeks with no rotation in my spine! YEAH HURRAY!

So, in 3-4 months time of doing Egoscue she’s restored the curvature to her neck and is feeling MUCH better!

What are YOU waiting for?

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