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She couldn’t walk without pain before Egoscue, but now……

September 29, 2010

Here’s a testimonial from a client of ours who came in suffering from pain in her legs that was severe enough that she couldn’t walk for more than a few minutes without pain. She recently came back from a trip where she hiked all over Iceland, pain free! Congratulations, Kathleen, I’m proud of the hard work you’ve put in.

Here is her story:


Like a lot of people who end up finding Egoscue, I’m profoundly grateful to have discovered it. It’s helped me so much that it’s hard not to be evangelical about it, hard not to want to press everyone I know who has physical pain into making an appointment with Rick, pronto. When I began this process I couldn’t walk more than ten minutes and my formerly athletic life seemed, shockingly and sadly, to be over. Of course I rotated through the usual merry-go-round of treatments: physical therapy, cortisone shots, Pilates, a personal trainer, Rolfing, Feldenkrais. I might feel some relief for a few hours or days, but nothing provided any lasting, any true improvement. Now, I can hike with ease and bike again.

One of the many features of Egoscue which I appreciate is that you are responsible for your own improvement and recovery. You’re not dependent upon some sort of weekly treatment, which makes you feel well only until your next appointment. Instead, you do your menu every day and you feel yourself improving, your pain disappearing, your strength and flexibility returning. With a good menu in hand, you take with you wherever you go the ability to keep yourself healthy, fit, and active.

I count myself very lucky to be able to work with Rick, who is, I think, particularly skilled at what he does. And he’s a genius at designing menus to accommodate any situation or lifestyle. He’s given me menus for work and for long-distance drives, he’s given me advice when I’ve been traveling abroad. I rely on his expertise, experience and ingenuity. Plus, he’s warm, professional, responsive and has a great sense of humor. Egoscue + Rick = you’ll feel better.

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Do heaven and hell exist?

September 26, 2010

from the terrific weekly newsletter by Michael Neill, author of Supercoach.

I see the principle at work daily in my own life, and in the lives of our clients. We talk a lot with our clients about mental state, what you believe to be true. If you believe yourself to be irreparably broken and flawed, that healing is a mountain too high for you to climb, then you’ll likely be right. And if you believe you have everything within you to heal and achieve your goals, you’ll also likely be right.

This article does a nice job of illustrating these principles. Enjoy!



Some years ago, I came across a version of this story in the book Zen Flesh, Zen Bones by Paul Reps:

Hakuin, the fiery and intensely dynamic Zen master, was once visited by a samurai warrior.

“I want to know about heaven and hell,” said the samurai. “Do they really exist?” he asked Hakuin.

Hakuin looked at the soldier and asked, “Who are you?”

“I am a samurai,” announced the proud warrior.

“Ha!” exclaimed Hakuin. “What makes you think you can understand such insightful things? You are merely a callous, brutish soldier! Go away and do not waste my time with your foolish questions,” Hakuin said, waving his hand to drive away the samurai.

The enraged samurai couldn’t take Hakuin’s insults. He drew his sword, readied for the kill, when Hakuin calmly retorted, “This is hell.”

The soldier was taken aback. His face softened. Humbled by the wisdom of Hakuin, he put away his sword and bowed before the Zen Master.

“And this is heaven,” Hakuin stated, just as calmly.

I loved this story when I first read it and was convinced I understood it – but of course even as I do now, it only made sense at the level of my understanding at the time.

I presumed the story was about positive and negative emotional states. “Hell” in the story was clearly a “bad feeling” – depression, anger, fear, sadness, jealousy, etc.; “heaven” was synonymous with a “good” feeling” – happiness, peace, humility, gratitude, love, etc.

Since my life at the time was pretty hellacious, it was easy for me to imagine that the goal of life must be simply to feel as few of the “bad” feelings and as many of the “good” feelings as possible.

So I set out to master my emotional states, and cutting edge mental technologies like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Thought-Field Therapy (TFT) seemed custom-made to suit my new “designer feelings” lifestyle. And in some ways, it worked. My life became less and less of a personal hell, and for a time this was more than enough for me to think I had found the secret of a happy life.

Unfortunately, being happy was still a daily struggle, and while it felt like I was winning more than I was losing, I lived each day on the battlefield of my thoughts, chalking up the fear that I might at any point be overcome by a new wave of depression to “a sensible response to the realities of war”.

Then one day I was sitting in a hotel room thousands of miles from home watching a video-taped talk by the theosopher Syd Banks. He was talking about the power of Thought with a capital “T” and telling the story of how his life changed when someone told him “you’re not insecure, Syd – you only think you are.”

Somehow, that one sentence led him directly into an experience of satori and oneness with the whole universe and with it into a whole new understanding of the role of Thought in creating our experience of life.

As someone who had by that point studied, written, and taught about the power of thought with a little “t” for over 15 years, I was pretty sure I already knew all there was to know about the subject, but there was another thing that Syd said that touched a nerve:

We think, and then we experience our thinking as though it were real.
But it’s not WHAT you think that matters – it’s THAT you think.

In 1986, my six year battle with depression and suicidal thoughts essentially ended when I realized that the scariest thing about my life was my own thinking. But even when I saw through the mirage of the “suicide thought” and was able to dismiss it from my mind, I missed something even more fundamental:

We all have the power to create heaven and hell inside us in any moment, via the gift of Thought. When we respond unquestioningly to those thoughts and act on them, each thought inside us leads to actions that create a corresponding heaven and hell outside us in the world of form. But when we see each thought for what it really is – simply a seed of heaven or a seed of hell – we can let go of the obsessive personal thinking that clogs the arteries of our minds and make space for our higher wisdom and deeper thoughts to take root.

There is, or so it seems to me, an energy and intelligence behind life. But that energy is not the creator of our personal experience – it is the raw material of its creation, in the same way as a lump of clay doesn’t express a preference as to whether it is molded into an ashtray or a work of art.

When you begin to see the phenomenal creative power of Thought, you realize that you are the wielder of that power in you as I am the wielder of that power in me. In fact, each one of us is the creator of our own personal experience of life – no exceptions, no excuses, no fault, no blame, no shame.

And in making the shift from being a “samurai warrior”, doing daily battle with each individual thought, to a “life master”, using the power of Thought to consciously create heaven or hell on earth in any moment, we also make the shift from helpless to hopeful, from control to freedom, and from fear all the way back to love.

Have fun, learn heaps, and may all your success be fun!

With love,


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Not Your Average “Core”

September 24, 2010

Here’s a great post from David Smith, our San Francisco clinic director, about core training and core strength. If you’re interested in building some core strength, try these ecises and tell us your experience.

Here’s the article, enjoy:

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Fight for your nutritional freedom – please read and act today!

September 24, 2010

Hey folks, I don’t ask for much from y’all here. But I am today. There is a scary bill moving through the Senate right now and if you value your health freedom, you need to stand up and act TODAY. Rather than me explain it, I’m going to give you a few links. Here’s an article on this subject:

The Senate is debating a bill that will enable the FDA to put vitamin supplement makers in jail for ten years if they cite findings from peer-reviewed published scientific studies on the label of their dietary supplements or their web site.

The pretext for these draconian proposals is a bill titled the Food Safety Accountability Act (S. 3767). The ostensible purpose of the bill is to punish anyone who knowingly contaminates food for sale. Since there are already strong laws to punish anyone who commits this crime, this bill serves little purpose other than enriching pharmaceutical interests.

Think about this for a moment. A company sells a product that contains green tea extract. They make no medical claims for their product of any kind, but they put up a LINK on their website to peer-reviewed, published research showing the health benefits from consuming green tea. This bill would give our government the right to put the folks who run that company in jail for up to 10 years! For this?!? Our government is seriously out of control and it’s not going to stop unless we stand up and stop it.

There is absolutely no sane reason for this bill, and it’s only reason for existence is to make it ever more difficult for you to purchase the health products YOU deem appropriate for your health. It’s expressed design is to continue the FDA’s policy of channeling as much of our money to the large drug companies as is possible. This bill is flat out evil, and it’s insane.

Please go to this following link and TAKE ACTION NOW!

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A medication for everyone – are YOU on it?

September 24, 2010

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What causes 97% of all cancers and what to do about it

September 22, 2010

David Wolfe has been doing some excellent interviews in preparation for his Longevity Conference. I thought I’d pass this on. Here is the text from the email I received from him along with a link to listen to or download the interview. Check it out and let me know what you think!


What Causes 97% of All Cancer?
An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Mark Merriman

Recently we released an interview I did on anti-cancer
that was so popular our server crashed three times!

Since the response was so enormous, I decided to address
the topic of cancer again with my good friend and favorite
doctor, Mark Merriman, M.D.

In this exclusive interview with Dr. Mark Merriman, you will discover:
What causes 97% of all cancers (You will not believe it!)

The toxic substances you MUST avoid (you and your family might
be breathing them every day)!

What foods assist the enzymatic breakdown of all toxins.

The two miracle supplements that remove toxins safely and
effectively that are cheap and easy to use!

Why liver detoxification is critical if you want to experience
superior levels of health.

Dr. Merriman’s inside experience with modern medicine and
what is causing the breakdown of the current medical model.

Click Here to Listen Now!

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Video Testimonial – physician on avoiding back and knee surgery

September 20, 2010

This video was posted by our San Jose clinic. If you’ve been told you need back surgery or knee or hip replacement surgery, do yourself a favor and call your nearest Egoscue clinic and ask them if they can help you. You’ll be surprised at what you hear!

If you’d like more information about our Austin clinic, and how we can help you most effectively deal with a recommended surgery, call our clinic today at 512-527-0030 and it will be our privilege to speak with you.

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