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We’ve had a number of clients post reviews online for us at Google and Yelp, and we REALLY appreciate it, thank you!

I wanted to share some of those with you here. Now I want you all to understand why I post testimonials. It’s NOT to say “look how great we are”. No, it’s a different purpose. What we find is that most people are working from the erroneous assumption that they hurt because in some fashion they are broken, their bodies need to be “fixed” in some way, or that pain is something you just have to live with. Some believe that as we age, we must necessarily begin to slowly give up the things we enjoy doing with our bodies and settle for a less active existence.

At Egoscue, we could not disagree more with this philosophy! We believe your body is designed to heal and that it has what it needs within it to make the journey from pain to pain free. I’ve always been inspired listening to others’ stories, hearing that they could do it and realizing that if they could do something, then so could I. So I’m going to post some of these testimonials here over the next few weeks. If you’re already a client with us, I hope they inspire you to continue to work, to do your routines and to follow your Egoscue program. If you’re in pain and haven’t started with Egoscue, I hope these stories will inspire you to believe that your body CAN heal, and to motivate you to take action, to call us, and ask us your tough questions so that we can help you begin to move forward.

So here’s the first one, enjoy!


I was lucky enough to find the Egoscue clinic in July of 2006 right when I moved to Austin. I met Rick Mathes and immediately liked him. He has a warm, reassuring manor and really knows his stuff.

Over the next few months, he helped me realign my body and then started a strength and conditioning program that was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. And this was all just with bodyweight movements.

Unfortunately for me, I like life get in the way and strayed away for several years. From time to time Rick would email me just to say hello, never to try and get me back.

Fast forward a few years and my body was once again a wreck. Years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu had taken their toll and I ended up getting double hip surgery in May of this year (2010). Rick just happened to email me around then and I let him know what happened. He mentioned that Egoscue might be able to help rehab me faster and that my hip problems were probably due to alignment issues.

I decided that he was probably right and went in to see him again. It’s now been about 8 weeks of sessions. I am feeling better and stronger all the time and am sure with Rick’s help, I will be better at 36 than I was at 20.

Bottom line: if you have pain in life or are an athlete who wants to continue and get better, go see this man.

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